The Lantern Festival to explore a number of real estate: Zhengzhou property market has been a full recovery

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.When we are cheering for China’s first gold and try our best to get an ice dun dun, few people aware of zhengzhou property market is ready to move.Before the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou property market has experienced a month-long “hibernation” affected by the epidemic, who can start the first gun after the Spring Festival, also hanging people’s appetite.On the first weekend after the start of the Spring Festival, some real estate prices fell sharply, buyers flocked to the parking lot was full, negotiation area, sand table area was also bustling.Real estate savings strength, ready to shine.There are also few real estate popularity, property consultants are still in a relaxed state of post-holiday syndrome.Timely search throughout the city, directly hit zhengzhou hot real estate spring, to bring you fresh first-hand information, for the purchase of direction.First stop we came to guannan area.Guannan bore the brunt of rising prices at the start of last year.In March 2021, Guannan single-handedly started the “Indian Summer” of Zhengzhou real estate market, with the housing price rising from 15000 yuan/ping to 16000 or even 17000 yuan, and many plates jumping 1000 yuan/ping.At the beginning of this year, prices fell.Photo taken in Futian City Jiudeng Huafu sales department to explore the plate found, Futian City Jiudeng Huafu is currently sold next to the south fourth Ring road plot, housing supply is sufficient, the price of about 12000, of course, the plot location is not good before is the main reason for the price decline.In addition to the regular discount, the project also launched a monthly subsidy of 1000 yuan for three consecutive years.We spent nearly an hour in the sales department and roughly 4-5 groups of clients visited.According to the property consultant, since the seventh day, the sales department receives 40-50 groups of customers every day, the turnover of these two days in about 4 sets, at 8 or 9 o ‘clock in the evening, there are customers to see the house, better than before the Spring Festival.Map source agency circle of friends is located in the south third ring Wenzhi Road new city time impression, just resumed work on the launch of New Year’s discount activities, then the intermediary circle of friends screen, 96㎡ top floor housing price 13999 yuan /㎡, 5 floors below housing 14XXX-15XXX yuan /㎡.According to the site, the project is mainly for sale, 99-118-128-143 square meters of high-rise housing, currently there are more large units left.Besides special price room at present, integral hardcover price is more than 16 thousand, dropped 1000 or so than the first opening price.Photo taken in the new city time impression sales department visit the day, the sales department power outage reason, the internal light of the sales department is dark, customers are not much, only 2-3 groups, it seems that has not returned to the usual lively appearance.However, objectively speaking, the new city time impression is still relatively supportive at the price of 16000. The subway Line 4 has been opened to traffic, which can also take advantage of the good news of Zhengdong, Jingkai and Guannan Xiaolizhuang railway station.More importantly, as one of the first batch of key industrial clusters in Henan Province, Jindai Innovation City has great development potential, which largely determines the industrial trend and economic development prospect of Guannan and even the south of Zhengzhou in the future.According to the new city real estate consultant disclosed, the sanitary ware wholesale market, hardware market around the project is expected to move out in June this year.This means that JINDaike chuangcheng construction speed up, guan Nan development press the acceleration key.When we drove to the West Lake sales office of Country Garden after lunch, it was hard to find parking Spaces on both sides of the road in front of the office.Country Garden West Lake sales department into the sales department hall, intuitive feeling is, compared with the front visit of several buildings as if not the same market.Before and after the two sand table, is listening to the property consultant’s explanation of the customer is very many.All seats are completely empty in the reception area of the West Lake sales department of Country Garden. Property consultants take customers to see the apartment type and quickly explain, so as to make room for the customers behind.Under the guidance of the property consultant, we found a corner to sit down and chat. During the chat, the property consultant was still on the other end of the phone to solve the problem of the qualification of the client to buy a house.She said that since the launch of the whole department of Country Garden price reduction activities, often busy until more than 10 o ‘clock off work, the sales department receives hundreds of groups of customers every day, plus the warm-up activities attracted many residents around the neighborhood with their children to play.Speaking of daily turnover, the property consultant gave me a confident smile and said that dozens of units are available.Before the price reduction, the average sales price of the project was 12,800-13,500 yuan/ping, but now it is reduced by about 2000 yuan per ping. The price is really sweet.The project is a ten-thousand mu large market next to Xiliu Lake by the Third Ring Road, which has the advantages of agricultural viaduct and west Third Ring Road for self-drive travel, as well as the support of the Second affiliated primary school of Zhengzhou Middle School and the West Lake Experimental Middle School affiliated to Henan University. There is still room for premium in the future.Golden Branch central Plains sales department and also located in the southwest area of the super market Golden Branch Central Plains project, in contrast, relatively deserted, only the negotiation area sitting 2 groups of customers.Jinke Zhongyuan was once a star project in the Western region. It opened on October 23, 2020, with a sales amount of nearly 1 billion yuan in 3 hours and nearly 1,000 houses sold in two days.Now the golden branch of the Central plains sales department, or with the recent financial problems have been exposed.According to a stoppage notice, Jinke did not pay the project on time, resulting in a general strike of workers, the project was stopped on December 15 last year.In addition, during the visit, the road in front of the sales department was still a “half-finished project”, and the construction of the commercial supporting town of Jaru had not made substantial progress.According to the financing guarantee announcement recently released by Jinke, by the end of last year, the accumulative guarantee amount of jinke’s subsidiaries and joint-stock companies accounted for more than 200% of the company’s net assets. Such a high proportion of guarantee amount does hide huge risks.Here I advise you to choose carefully, to avoid encountering thunder housing enterprises.3 North recently the highest heat of the real estate, naturally not wanke Cuiwan in the city.The project is known as the fourth generation of vanke residential products because of Chen Cheng, the city attention.Line 4 subway entrance, vertical green buildings, community overall elevation, Vanke hardcover…Lots of highlights.In the visit, into the sales department although not as popular as country Garden West Lake, but there are many people.Entering the sales department, there are about three or four groups of customers at the sand table on the first floor, the negotiation area on the second floor is basically full, and four or five groups of customers have been seen when the model room is visited.According to xiaojie, a real estate consultant, one of her colleagues has not rested since the 7th day of work. Once, a client came to sign a contract before the deadline of the preferential activity, which lasted 12 days that day.According to her, after the Spring Festival, the project deals about 4 or 5 sets a day.In addition, the house in lot 42 and 44 will be liquidated soon. The house in lot 43 west of Jiangshan Road is expected to be launched after the Lantern Festival.After seeing the city of Vanke Cuiwan, we came to the north another hot plate Poly Hyde Park.In front of the reception office epidemic prevention personnel to scan the code, the main investigation of the province outside Zheng.After scanning the code into the sales department, several property consultants sitting behind the front desk or button the mobile phone, or chat, the front desk little sister arranged a property consultant to explain.Poly Hyde Park sales department in front of the sand table area, only a group of customers listening to the property consultant to explain, there are two groups of customers sitting in the negotiation area.The first phase of the project has been handed over, and there are a total of more than ten houses left in the second phase of the three buildings 7, 8 and 9 that have been opened. The average price is about 19500 yuan/ping, and the price has risen by about 500 yuan/ping since the Spring Festival.Poly Hyde Park is liulin, Liuzhuang, Piaoyuan village three reconstruction projects, is currently selling piaoyuan plot, 11 small high-rise buildings, in the liquidation stage, among which more large houses of more than 140.According to the real estate consultant, the second half of this year is expected to launch Liuzhuang plot, better location, 100-130 or so more mainstream housing market, the price is naturally higher, is expected to 2W +.Under the new situation, the safe area of buying a house must be in the east.The Arc De Triomphe of China Resources Land, which was first opened in July 2020, is also in the stage of liquidation, with only dozens of houses remaining and will be liquidated once sold out.When we visited, the sales department basically no customers.According to the real estate consultant, the current price is about 17500-19000, individual bad floor unit price is less than 17000, large family price is generally expensive than small family.Compared with the average price of 19500, it is indeed reduced some, if there is a friend who wants to buy property in old classics, you can consider.After all, the east high-speed Railway station to the south of the natural overflow area, the main city second ring road quality housing supply is very scarce, coupled with the support of Zhaofeng Road primary school, later second-hand housing to 2W + is not a problem.The sales department of Poly Tangin is not far away, which is located in jingkai Sixth Street. When entering the sales department, we unexpectedly encountered the top trend of winter Olympics!!Ice dun dun stand card and lantern!It was taken in the Sales department of Poly Tangin, but unexpectedly, the warm-up activity on the top exit surface did not attract too many people. In the sales department, there were only 2 groups of customers looking at the house, and 1 group was participating in the activity.It was a far cry from last Year s opening day in July.A male property consultant in a black coat with tangin logo pinned on his chest believed that it was a good time to buy a house.First of all, the current old economy will be open for nearly a year without new market, housing supply is scarce, the house will only sell less and less, more and more expensive.Moreover, since January 2022, the central bank has released 4 trillion yuan of credit funds into the market, which will ease the real estate financing and lower mortgage interest rates, and the real estate market will soon pick up.So, do you think there will be a “recovery tide” in 2022?The 8 real estate mentioned in this article, zhengzhou real estate market is currently a high focus of hot real estate.These real estate since the Spring Festival began to show uneven cold and hot market phenomenon, most of the real estate has returned to the normal before the Spring Festival, individual real estate due to large price reduction appeared high transaction atmosphere.But this does not represent the full picture of zhengzhou property market, after all, there are many real estate we did not go to the field research.Therefore, the general property market cold or hot are too reluctant.But to be sure, there is no shortage of good homes and prices have not fallen or have fallen very little.Have this year to buy a friend, might as well take advantage of the weekend with family to the sales department around.Do you think housing prices in Zhengzhou will rise again this year?What would you say about the current real estate market?