The lower barrel of the world’s first steel containment vessel, Linglong 1, was successfully lifted

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Science and technology daily reporter Wang Zhuhua correspondent Yang Junhua ChangJiang hainan nuclear power base is good news, February 26th July 16 points, after 2 hours and 16 minutes of homework, the world’s first “ling dragon one pile of steel containment vessel bottom cylinder hoisting in place, 46 days to complete the milestone plan ahead of schedule, in order to further high quality steadily promoting small pile engineering construction have laid a solid foundation.The overall height of the lower barrel of the steel containment vessel is about 15 meters, the structural weight is about 450 tons, and the total weight of lifting is about 665 tons. It is assembled by a total of 32 discs in 4 layers. The lower barrel of the steel containment vessel, the bottom head, the upper barrel and the top head together constitute the steel containment vessel of the reactor building, which is an important safety barrier of the reactor.It carries the integrity and sealing function of the reactor building.It is reported that due to the heavy lifting weight, this lifting operation used 3200 tons crawler crane for the first time.In order to ensure the implementation of all work, the team of Hainan Nuclear Reactor project actively planned to establish the responsibility area for party member commandos of “Linglong No. 1” lower cylinder hoisting, party member commandos of 3,200T crane for first assembly and CV assembly site of small reactor, strengthen the guidance of Party construction and detail the process implementation.Fine management is carried out for all links such as sea entry, epidemic prevention and control, on-site assembly and simulated hoisting, to quickly coordinate and solve constraints, optimize the construction period of crane assembly, and provide a solid guarantee for the early hoisting of the lower barrel of the steel containment vessel.As a multi-functional modular small reactor developed by CNNC and with independent intellectual property rights, Linglong 1 is characterized by high safety, short construction cycle, wide use and strong site adaptability. Under the background of the era of “carbon peak and carbon neutral” global energy production and consumption revolution,”Linglong No. 1″ is of great significance to promote the construction of Hainan Free Trade port and consolidate China’s first-mover advantage in the field of small reactors.(Photo by Liu Xuan, Xu Dan) Edited by Wang Yu And reviewed by Yue Liang