These 3 common foods may affect the health of the thyroid gland, and it is recommended to eat less at ordinary times

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Thyroid disease has been on the rise in recent years, with statistics showing that women are more likely to suffer from thyroid problems than men.Medically speaking, the thyroid gland is very important to the human body. It can secrete thyroid hormone to promote the metabolism and growth of the human body. Once there is a thyroid problem, it will pose a great threat to the health of the body.In fact, the amount of iodine in the body affects thyroid health to some extent.If the iodine content in the human body is too low, it will cause obstacles to the secretion of thyroid hormone to a certain extent, resulting in goiter, and ultimately induce thyroid nodules.Too much iodine can irritate the thyroid gland and lead to an increase in thyroid hormone levels, which can lead to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.In addition to iodine, there are three common foods that can affect thyroid health in daily life.1. Alcohol In modern society, many people have the habit of drinking alcohol, but this behavior is very likely to cause damage to the thyroid gland. For friends who already suffer from thyroid nodules, excessive drinking may lead to further enlargement of the nodules, resulting in other complications.Even in healthy circumstances, we should try to reduce the intake of alcohol, because alcohol tends to cause great stimulation to the thyroid gland, once ingested too much, it may become a cause of thyroid disease.2. Too much greasy food a lot of young people like to eat malatang, such as hamburgers, Fried chicken, roast food, but these foods often contain lots of fat and calories, the body once consumed, will lead to a sharp rise in body fat content, it will not only affect the endocrine balance, also can cause the body metabolism affected, so as to bring the thyroid larger burden,Serious cases may also induce thyroid disease.3. Pickles pickles while eating up very convenient, but this kind of food is unfavorable eat more, because of pickle in the process of curing, tend to be added a lot of salt, this leads to the iodine content of this kind of food is very high, if eat pickles, a large amount for a long time will cause larger stimulus to the thyroid, which can lead to goiter.At the same time, pickles in the process of pickling will also produce some harmful substances, these substances are harmful to health.In our normal life, to prevent thyroid disease, must develop good living habits, try to be routine, early to bed and early to rise, and pay attention to reduce the frequency of staying up late, because often stay up late at night will not only lead to endocrine disorders, will also affect the normal metabolism, which not only affects the thyroid health, also can cause damage to other organs of the body.In addition, we also need to pay more attention to our diet. In addition to eating less of the three types of food mentioned above, we should also consciously reduce the intake of iodized salt, which can effectively reduce the risk of thyroid disease.