Why did Han Xin ask Liu Bang to make him a vassal and even coerce Liu Bang?

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Han Dynasty is a great dynasty in the history of our country, its existence established the name of Han people, showing the supreme dignity of China to foreign countries.Moreover, the Han dynasty is also a kind of belief, which is not only powerful in its power, but also in the Culture of the Han Dynasty.In the history of the Han Dynasty, the successive “virtuous and good minister” shows the han dynasty officials strong backbone.However, when it comes to the Han Dynasty, we cannot avoid one person, that is the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty – Liu Bang.Liu Bang’s “God of War” When it comes to Liu Bang, people often think of a batch of able men and righteous men under his command, among which Han Xin, who was praised as “God of War”, is particularly prominent.At that time, Qin Shihuang ruled the whole country and implemented a centralized system.But the world is not safe, hiding evil intentions of many!In order to pacify the world rebels and consolidate his rule, Qin Shihuang adopted a strict rule, but it was the people at the bottom who suffered.Just experienced the war of baptism of the people, usher in the world unified, but can not rest, but by a series of tyranny and difficult to survive.In the end, insurrection broke out all over the Qin Dynasty, and the newly unified world suddenly became divided.Liu Bang was one of the powerful insurrection forces. After a long time of development and management, his power was strong enough to rival xiang Yu, the “King of Western Chu”.The development of the power needs talent to support, liu Bang later under the introduction of Xiao He han Xin.It was because of Han Xin that Liu Bang easily gained the world.Han Xin’s excellent military strategy won Liu Bang many victories. It can be said that without Han Xin, Liu Bang could not have conquered the world.Han Xin’s most famous battle is probably the last one.Han Xin commanded his troops to turn back the water and form an array, so as to inspire the morale of the Han army by the method of “falling into the death place and surviving the dead place”. At last, he defeated the Chu army with less than 30,000 han troops.It was Han Xin’s desperate battle that laid the foundation for Liu Bang to dominate the world.After han Xin became famous, in the following war, Han Xin even defeated Xiang Yu’s army.In the battle of Weishui, Han Xin led the weak Han army and defeated xiang Yu’s main force.Xiang Yu was also greatly weakened by the battle of Weishui and could not take a passive defensive stance against the Han army, which also created opportunities for Liu Bang to attack vigorously later.Han Xin also helped Liu Bang a lot in the gaixia war, when Liu Bang completely wiped out Xiang Yu.However, Han Xin’s final end is not consistent with his achievements, even some sad.Why did a generation of “god of War” come to a miserable end?In fact, Han Xin was born in a very miserable situation.He lived from one meal to the next, and his clothes were in rags.But he was not discouraged by the current bad situation, but tried to put aside other thoughts to study the art of war, so he was poor but still insisted on learning the art of war, because he believed that in troubled times, when a soldier, a general is the best way out.Soon han Xin’s chance came when Xiang Yu took him under his wing.At first, he thought he would be important when he joined Xiang Yu.In fact, Xiang Yu did not take Han Xin seriously, perhaps this is also in accordance with the later Han Yu in the “Horse said” that “Bole is not often a thousand li horse often”.Ambitious Han Xin would not be content to live below people.Soon, Han Xin, who was not important to Xiang Yu, joined Liu Bang and helped Liu Bang beat xiang Yu, his former boss, thus achieving his eternal fame as the “God of war”.However, Han Xin was also an ambitious man. After helping Liu Bang pacify the world, he made an excessive request to Liu Bang.Taking advantage of his military achievements, Han Xin proposed to Liu Bang to become a vassal, which was a great taboo of Liu Bang.Because Liu Bang followed the centralized system of Qin Shi Huang, he opposed the tyranny of Qin Shi Huang, but not the centralized system that Qin Shi Huang created.Liu Bang clearly realized that a centralized system would give him a more stable world.But the vassal enfeonement system, proved by history, was no longer suitable for the new era, the new Han Dynasty.At this time, Han Xin proposed to be a vassal king and advocated the vassal enfealty system, which undoubtedly touched liu Bang’s antagonism.As for why Han Xin proposed to Liu Bang to be a vassal, it may have something to do with his time.When Han Xin was born, it happened to be in the period when the first Emperor of Qin ruled the world. People still held the view of the old times, or dreamed of becoming a vassal through merits.Therefore, han Xin, who was influenced by the thoughts of the old times, naturally wanted to become a vassal.In addition, han Xin was humiliated in his early years, so after he became famous, he probably wanted to show off his power by becoming a vassal king with his military achievements.To Han Xin’s surprise, Liu Bang killed him.In the end, han Xin’s “god of War” ended up dead.But no matter what Han Xin thinks, it’s only a matter of time before Liu Bang kills han Xin.Let me tell you why…This was an important reason for Liu Bang to kill Han Xin. After all, for a king, a court official who was too dazzling would threaten his rule.This was another reason for Liu Bang to kill Han Xin, because after he had conquered the whole country, han Xin, the “god of war”, would be in a very awkward position.In addition, Han Xin itself appears to have some arrogance, making Liu Bang deeply felt han Xin’s deep ambition, so liu Bang is not at rest on Han Xin itself.Perhaps Liu Bang would have disposed of Han Xin earlier if he had not borrowed his military skills to defeat Xiang Yu.But in fact, Han Xin came to that miserable end probably because he did not understand Liu Bang.He, Han Xin, may have been a military genius, but he was not a good politician. He did not understand officialdom, let alone the world in Liu Bang’s mind.Egged on by others, Han Xin rashly proposed to Liu Bang that he should be a vassal, but he became a pathfinding stone for others.Guan Zhong once commented on the monarch: “A ruler should only be superior and insensitive.Excellence is the death of the crowd, less sensitive than things.”This is the difference between Liu Bang and Han Xin, as well as the shortcoming of Han Xin.Under the general situation, Han Xin not only could not be the “undercurrent”, but also lacked decisive judgment and could only be reduced to a servant.However, we should not overlook hanshin s contribution to our military.Han Xin was not only well versed in the art of war, but also had his own understanding of the art of war. “The more the better,” he said.In addition, Han Xin was praised as “soldier fairy” by later generations.In addition, han Xin’s military achievements have been studied by later scholars, such as: The Ming Dynasty to build a plank road, secretly plotting Against Chen Cang, facing the Jin Dynasty to assume suspicion, backwater for camp, half-crossing, besieged on all sides, ambush on all sides and so on.Among them, “the Ming xiu Plank road, secretly Chen Cang” this plan, even Zhuge Liang did not follow.Of course, that’s another story.