Zhang Yimou: I was very nervous when I put forward the torch project. I didn’t think this bold idea could be approved

2022-05-05 0 By

Nandu news reporter Wang Fan from Beijing: “I was very nervous when I proposed [the main torch platform]. I did not expect that the Winter Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee liked it so much that they approved my somewhat bold and even ‘deviant’ idea.”Zhang Yimou, general director of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said at a regular press conference held in the main media Center on February 5 morning.Bocog held its regular press conference at the main media center.SMW reporter Li Zhan are taken on Feb. 4 night, the main torch goes on display in the national stadium, or the bird’s nest, and a lot of people to imagine the “fire” in different, torchbearers took the last bar, in the end put the torch on competing countries name snow center, eventually build into a big snow, this also becomes all previous Olympic Games one of the few design.”My perspective will no longer focus on our 5,000-year culture, but on the care and companionship of the Olympic flame from all over the world,” zhang said.I think this moment is full of meaning for me, to put the flame in the center of the names of all the participating countries in the world, to symbolize the survival of mankind’s first precious fire.”This is the second time Zhang yimou has directed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. For him, what is the difference between the opening ceremony in 2008 and 2022?Zhang said that the evaluation of the two is not to compete with artistic performance, because artistic performance is not good or bad, but the important thing is creativity and concept.He said the 2022 ceremony was warmer, more relaxed and simpler, and better illustrated the Olympic concept of “the whole world coming together”.