Burning will: those civilians can consider the title, treasure activity title is not good

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Everyone is well, misty summer fungus report.Titles also provide additional attributes, some of which are quite good, but a lot of them are biased towards gold, so this round will take a look at titles that are good but can also be earned by civilians (annual titles are not included).1, beyond the peak as long as endure will be able to get the title, with 10 stars SSR, can receive the title.The transition could use that.Up to now, I still use this title, but mainly for PVE, the attributes given are generally very good, suitable for PVE to improve the output a little bit.If it is PVP, it is recommended to bring speed.2, Forever partner partner play, players can reach 7 level of tacit understanding can be obtained.Also be to want you only Ken liver, the title that can take, but this liver cannot rely on yourself only a person, should have partner liver ability to go together.Give the attributes of speed, attack value is not low, PVP can be considered with.3, the deeds of the story series are the witness, the story of the writer, the story of the praise.It offers very impressive attributes, and speed as well.The corresponding requirements are the achievement activation value of 10,000 points, 20,000 points, 30,000 points.However, it is not currently available.If the amount of activation value of this deed is set, a lot of people can get it, and the attributes of these three titles are so impressive that they won’t be given to players easily.There is a “2.0 title” conversion for the treasure campaign. The specific properties are shown in the picture below, called.Complicity, is not the will, how to become a course.To put it bluntly, I’d rather not.Attribute is really not so, it is better to change some other real resources.However, many players are collecting party, and this title seems to be limited title, may not appear again in the future.Plus the title of the map can also add some activation value, so it is really tangled.The germ theory also has the title of the competition series, which should be available to civilians, and judging from this meaning, the competition will continue to be held every year.That fight supreme dare not fancy, but make a fight master, fight master opportunity or pretty big.Well, that’s the end of this round. Thanks for reading. Bye.