Exclusive interview with Zhang Yimou: The theme song singing style comes from deep cultural confidence

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Believe that have seen the opening ceremony of the audience, will be impressed by one of the show, when hundreds of children with light doves, free to run or play in the bird’s nest – national events, romantic, warm atmosphere, the reporter understands, this program scheme and creative after many changes, is the last among all programs were identified,Director Zhang Yimou himself is one of the most important links.
CCTV reporter Cao Yan: What touched you most?Among the current reflected effects.Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics:The most impress me link should be singing the theme song, there is a singing with hi-tech content, and about eight hundred or so children, holding a dove on-court to play, very free and happy state, it is one of the world’s biggest artificial intelligence AR capture, in such a big square, more than ten thousand square meters, in the case of more than eight hundred individuals,This is the first time in the world that the capture has been done on such a large scale, so the children are always interacting with the shining snowflakes under their feet in real time, and this song is also a snowflake, and the central area is represented by our torch and a snowflake.Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics:The moment I think will be very touched, because we all know, is presented a kind of free, romantic, cute, warm scene, not how to play, the children to play freely in on the snow, like in the snow snowball fights, play the same, this moment is very precious, in 2008 is perhaps we also dare not to do so,When we have so much to live up to and expect, we often don’t dare to relax like this.In our large-scale activities, such a state rarely appears, rarely in such a heavyweight large-scale activities, dare to do a piece of performance freely, it is very difficult.It has to be carefully choreographed, it has to be done neatly, it has to work exactly as one integrated thing.In 2008 did not dare to think, why there will be such a change?I feel especially reflected in my body, I deeply feel a kind of cultural self-confidence, this program director dare to think, lead to agree, the international Olympic committee (ioc) have agreed to such a program, we support the show, with such a great music sound, elephant invisible, seemingly intangible a way to present, such a very warm moments,Except for cultural confidence, you can’t do it.Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics:So for me, in my creative thinking, in the realization of the team and in all aspects, there is such a big difference from 2008. Instead of simply watching a program for just one minute, it really makes me deeply feel how important cultural confidence is as a witness.You can be natural and relaxed, confident and happy, free of stress and worry.So, the first time I thought about it, I was surprised, and I came up with this idea when I went home in the evening, and then when the team started to prepare, in the evening, I would often review it, and I thought, is this the right decision?Really?I think it’s right, so you see I’m not the same as 2008, so I love this moment.(CAO Yan, CCTV reporter) Scan the qr code below for more news