In spring, rice and ginger are the perfect match, fry a pot to drink half a month, many people do not know what to use

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In early spring, the landscape of earth warming appeared all over the country, Yang qi began to grow, the cold winter wind cut face finally passed, especially for me living in the north, suddenly felt the wind began to become warm and soft.Although spring has officially entered, but in the face of this warm climate, in addition to paying attention to clothing, the most important thing is to adjust the diet.After the winter and the cold, our body just like out of the refrigerator “frozen meat”, need a small fire “thaw”, so no longer all day long fish and meat to accumulate heat for the body, eat more light food, and some fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.Faced with this warm and cold climate, the elderly often use the term “backward spring cold” to describe it, as less snow is followed by heavy rainfall, especially in southern China.Hot and cold temperatures can easily cause colds, especially for the elderly and children with weak resistance.It is suggested that this period of time can drink some soup water, supplement nutrition at the same time can also nourish the body, avoid suffering from “reverse cold”.Ingredients: 300 grams of rice, 70 grams of ginger and 5 grams of green tea. Step 1: Prepare 300 grams of rice, 70 grams of peeled ginger and 5 grams of green tea.Step 2: Wash the rice in clean water 4-5 times until the water is no longer cloudy, then soak for 20 minutes.Cut the ginger into thick shreds.The third step: soak the good rice with a slotted spoon out, control the dry water into the non-stick pan, at first because the rice water is sufficient, you can use medium fire stir-fry, until the rice becomes a little dry, turn into a small fire slow stir-fry, during this period to keep stir-fry, prevent stick to the pot at the same time is also to let the rice grains evenly heated.Step 4: Wait until the rice grains are slightly yellow and then add the shredded ginger. Stir-fry until the shredded ginger resembles the color of dead branches, as shown in the picture below.Step 5: Friends who like drinking tea can mix some scented tea by themselves. I put green tea. When the aroma of tea leaves floats out, you can turn off the fire and leave the pot to cool.Step 6: After cooling, the ginger tea can be put into an airtight jar and can be kept for a long time.Take out a little every day when you feel like it, pour in boiling water and drink.Production details of rice must be washed several times, wash the excess starch, so that the process of frying is not easy to stick to the pot, but also to make ginger rice tea is more nutritious, drink up without gastrointestinal burden.The purpose of soaking the rice is to allow the grains to absorb enough water, so that even after frying the rice will be plump.In the process of frying rice, it is found that the rice sticks together at first because of the moisture, and when the rice dries, it will naturally fall apart.This article is edited/original by John Fan, welcome to pay attention to, take you with knowledge!If you do not understand the place, I hope you put forward in the comments area below.If you also like my article, remember to “like” + “follow” + “forward”.