Li Xiaoran’s new play modeling special age reduction, will not be more than 40 years old, looks very young

2022-05-06 0 By

Li Xiaoran’s new play, let her look exceptionally young, she finally from this “have you” role out.Li xiaoran has yet to appear on the screen for a long time, but a and a TV, a then a TV, a hit this life has you, this is a work with wal series, although the fire now, but still there are a lot of people in scold her, however, it is their cooperation for the first time, a lot of people are looking forward to.So, Li Xiaoran is in “this life has you” the number of crying is very much, almost every set has, crying is not what difficult, but also very tired.Some netizens even dubbed her “crying bag”.This is the first li xiaoran, now is still hot, li xiaoran another work “deep see deer Lin” has been officially released, different from the life has you, li xiaoran changed over from head to toe, cut very clean, very the sunlight, light is officially announced that can let a person feel different emotions, and the age of li xiaoran, also can’t more than 40 years old.They look young.Lin Shen Meets the Deer is a Beijing romantic film, not as sad as This Life has You, nor as Jin Dong in the TV series.This drama just finished shooting on the Dragon TV promotional video, according to the current situation, this drama has not been released, it is already popular, and will be broadcast on various platforms, so that many people like it very much.Finally, when the official announcement was made, there was a surprise, that is, Zhang Yao, the teacher, would appear in the film.The play is already finished, and I believe it will soon be about what kind of marriage, let’s wait and see!