Sun Dajun Zhang Guangyong visited during the Spring Festival adhere to the frontline cadres and workers

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February 1 is the first day of the Lunar New Year, lvliang mountain city everywhere permeated with festive festival.Party secretary Sun Dajun and Mayor Zhang Guangyong visited the cadres and workers working in the front line during the festival, and extended their New Year’s greetings and wishes to them.City leaders Ren Zhong, Tian Anping attended.Patrol police is an important force in building a social security prevention and control network.Sun Dajun and Zhang Guangyong visited the Square police station of the SPECIAL Police Detachment and had a friendly conversation with the front-line police officers to learn about the patrol prevention and control mode and inquire about the security and stability during the festival. They thanked the special police for their efforts in maintaining social stability, escorting economic development and protecting people’s safety.Party secretary Sun Dajun: Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, our people are happy and peaceful holiday, just is our most hard time, guard the peace of the city’s people, maintain the stability of the society, everyone’s work is particularly hard, but the responsibility is also particularly glorious, the mission is great.I wish you a happy New Year and a happy family. At the same time, I also express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to all our police officers. You have worked hard!Sun said he hoped everyone will fulfill their duties faithfully and do a solid job in maintaining social stability, cracking down on crimes, resolving conflicts and managing public safety during the festival to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.The news media is the bridge linking the Party and the people.Sun Dajun and Zhang Guangyong came to luliang RADIO and TELEVISION station hd transmission car, rong media center, Luliang news editor room, studio, and talked with the staff, understand the operation in detail.Sun Dajun, Party secretary: Hello everyone, Mayor Guangyong and I, all the municipal leaders at home have made a special trip to Luliang TV station to pay New Year’s greetings to all of you and visit the cadres and workers who stick to their posts during the festival.The more the day of family reunion, the more our journalists must stick to their posts.Television stations and other news units undertake to spread the voice of the party and the government, promote the advanced experience of the grassroots, promote the ordinary people around the masses of kindness and so on, bacon cast soul, cohesion!Sun dajun pointed out that in the past year, Luliang radio and television stations around the center, serving the overall situation, integrity, innovation, responsibility, to provide a strong public opinion support for economic and social development.In the New Year, we should always adhere to the leadership of the Party, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, vigorously publicize the party’s lines and principles and policies, and publicize the advanced models emerging in the development of Luliang’s economy and society;We should improve our news sensitivity, timely find and carry forward the ordinary people’s good deeds around the masses, drive the “big hot spot” with “small incision”, tell the stories of Luliang well, spread the voice of Luliang, and continuously gather the powerful force to build a beautiful and happy Luliang.CDC personnel are the vanguard and main force of epidemic prevention.Sun Dajun and Zhang Guangyong went to the Municipal CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention to check the registration system for returnees and nucleic acid test registration system for all personnel. They visited the frontline workers and thanked them for their efforts and efforts in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. They expressed their respect to them and demanded that people’s lives and health be put first.We will spare no efforts in epidemic prevention and control during the festive period, strengthen weak links in disease control at the grassroots level, build embankments for prevention and control, and guard the position of Luliang.The medical and health park project is a key construction project of The city and also the no.1 livelihood project.Sun Dajun, Zhang Guangyong went into luliang health park to understand the progress of the project, thanked all the construction staff for their hard work, and sent them gifts and Spring Festival wishes.Sun Dajun, Party Secretary: On the day of family reunion, we still stick to the front line of the construction site and can not go home. I would like to express my sympathy, gratitude and respect to you. Comrades, you have worked hard!We wish you a Happy New Year!Sun Dajun told the project leader to arrange the life of employees during the festival, strictly grasp the security measures, let them spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival in Luliang.The police are the backbone of protecting people’s safety and maintaining social stability.At the municipal public security bureau command center, da-jun sun, with the police on duty guang-yong zhang cordial talks, stressed that to fulfill “be loyal, service people, justice and discipline” requirements, do the security work during the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, completes the normalized epidemic prevention and control, public security, security and stability of work,We will strive to build an iron army of public security trusted by the Party and the people, and create a good legal environment for Luliang to start the New Year.Source: Luliang News network