The property market has not made money, now buy what people are?There are three main types of people

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Under the strict policy control, according to the data, the national average housing price increase in 2021 is only 2.8%!While home prices are still rising, they are barely rising at all, because you might as well put your money in a bank, where deposits are 3.9% or more.Home prices are rising less and less, and there are no more opportunities to make money, so there is a huge drop in demand, because over the years, a large proportion of buyers are looking to make money.Even if you really need to meet the living needs of just need, when buying a house, you will also consider the value of the house, in case the real estate depreciation after buying a house, won’t you lose money?So now the question is, when the housing market is no longer profitable, who are the buyers in the market?A lot of people think there’s no demand for homes, but that’s not the case.Because the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that in 2021, the transaction value of commercial housing across the country will exceed 18 trillion yuan, which means that even if buying a house is not profitable, there are still people buying a house.In the author’s view, now the building of the city’s purchase demand can be divided into three kinds of people: the first: for children to buy a house.Chinese parents all want their children to be successful, and they don’t want their children to lose at the starting line.So a lot of times in order to let the child can have a good growth environment, parents must buy a house in the city, and is to buy the kind of house with educational attributes.This is also one of the reasons why young people generally do not want to give birth to children. But once they give birth to children, they will try their best to give their children the best growing environment. Buying a house is naturally something they cannot avoid.The second group: rural workers who move to cities to work.The trend of urbanization will exist for a long time, so this determines that for a long time, the population in the market will be concentrated in the city.For example, Ren Zeping once said, “In the future, 74 percent of the country’s population will be in 19 big cities.”That is to say, in the future, there will be more and more people coming to cities, and those people who come from rural areas will definitely want to settle down after they make money. At this time, they must buy a house.More importantly, according to the current trend of population mobility, the number of people settling down in cities every year is a huge number. For example, some experts say that in the next five years, there will be 70 million people moving into cities.These people will buy a house even if they know they can’t make money on it, because the most basic need for them to buy a house is to live in, not anything else.The third group: investors who believe house prices have bottomed out.No matter at any time, there will be speculators in the market, even now the property market control policy is so strict.Especially in the recent two years, housing prices in many cities in the market have fallen sharply, and developers are also cutting prices to promote sales and offering huge discounts.More importantly, there are many factors supporting housing prices in the market, such as land costs and construction costs, which are rising, and homeowners who have already bought houses are also supporting housing prices.As a result, many investors believe that housing prices have reached their lowest point in the market and will only go up, not down.Under such circumstances, some greedy investors with money will naturally choose to buy houses, hoping to reap the same huge profits as before.