What are the legends and customs of the day?

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The seventh day of the first lunar month is “Renri Festival”, which means the birthday of people, and is also called “Renqing Festival”, “seven days”, “Renchen Day”, “population Day”, “Rensheng Festival” and so on.Renren Day festival began to have festival customs from the Han Dynasty, began to pay attention to the Wei and Jin Dynasties, more prosperous after the Tang Dynasty.Every day of the day, the emperor would give his officials color wisps of victory, and a big banquet.About the legend of the festival of people, there are many kinds of folk views, the main have the following two: one, Nuwa made the legend of the beginning of chaos, the sky is a chaos, the ground is a pile of mud.The goddess nu Wa had the body of a snake with the head of a human being. She had seventy changes in a day. In order to bring a little life to the lonely world between heaven and earth, she kneaded many animals with mud.Nuwa the first day knead is every day call the sun get up chicken;The next day, the dog was loyal and clever;On the third day, the lady Nu Wa was tired and made some lazy pigs.On the fourth day the sheep was pinched;On the fifth day, hard-working cattle;On the sixth day, it was a strong horse.In order to manage the six animals, on the seventh day, Nuwa had a whim and made a human with two legs and two hands.Knead into, nu Wa niang and spit a spit, blew a fairy, people have reiki, known as the spirit of the universe.In order to commemorate the birth of The Goddess Nu Wa, people put the seventh day of the first month as the birthday of people, so the present Day festival.It says in Zhuangzi: In ancient times, there were three deities, Namely, Emperor Shu, Emperor Hu and Emperor Hundun. Emperor Shu and Emperor Hu often visited the house of Hundun and were warmly entertained by hundun.In order to thank Hundun, Emperor Shu and Emperor Hu told him, “Everyone has seven orifice and uses hearing and hearing to eat and rest.On the seventh day, seven oolong holes were dug in total. Then man was born, but Chaos died. Therefore, in order to commemorate Chaos, the seventh day of the first lunar month was set as man’s birthday.On the day of man, there was a custom of wearing “ren Sheng” in ancient times.”Sheng” is a kind of women’s jewelry, “rensheng” is cut adult image of jewelry, wear their hair or give people, also called “color sheng”, “flower sheng”, in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Liang Dynasty, has been popular this custom.On the People’s Day, the hostess of the house threw patching up the sky on the roof, indicating that nu Wa patching up the sky, but also threw patching up the ground and Wells, indicating “patching up the earth”. Then the whole family ate patching up the sky.There are two kinds of butian cakes, one is pancake baked with batter;One is a hard pancake, no matter what cake, must be round, thin, legend in order to play the role of the day.In some areas of the south, the family sit together and pour the fish, sauce and ingredients into a big plate. Then they stand up and wave their chopsticks to fish the fish, while fishing and Shouting: “Fish ah!Scoop!Hair ah!Hair!”And to get higher and higher, to show the willingness to move up.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to sinology series talk