A 60-year-old woman who almost fell victim to an online dating scam has been helped by police

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Auntie Huang, 60, has recently lost 10 jin and her hair style has changed.I look a lot better and feel good every day.Everyone thought aunt Huang and his wife’s affection is very good, so every day have a good mood.However, Aunt Huang and his wife have been separated for a long time, and gradually no longer do housework.He doesn’t talk to his wife.Huang ayi was infatuated with the Internet recently, there is a Shen Dong on the Internet, every day to Huang Ayi sweet words.Her husband is not good to listen to, huang Auntie always feel cared about before enough, now huang Auntie feel that he found a true love.She and Shen Dong are true love, he does not disrelish his age, it is to like him sincerely.Huang Auntie’s son found the problem, tell mother Shen Dong is false, Huang Auntie himself do not believe, claiming shen Dong will not deceive himself, finally huang auntie’s son took Huang Auntie came to the public Security Bureau, in the police there to learn, this Shen Dong has cheated a lot of people, are about the same age as Huang Auntie.Everyone thinks they’ve found love, and a lot of people have been cheated out of their money.In middle age, everyone, for a variety of reasons, will feel their mood is not taken care of, the heart will feel empty.But don’t get carried away with love.Middle-aged women are more likely to be scammed, the survey found.Swindlers also this kind of psychology, specifically looking for middle-aged women to cheat.Do children and husbands should care more about their close people, do not let their feelings can not find sustensible, let cheater free drill.Netizens, the network love needs to be careful, because you do not know the opposite chatting with you when good or bad, or even his identity is true, or even gender, age and so on.I think everyone has to be self-aware and be able to tell the truth from the fakes.Aunt Huang is ok, just make a joke, no loss of property, if the loss of property, it is not worth the gain.