Chapter 006, The Odds are against us 1

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There is no passion for nothing, and certainly there is no three meals for nothing.Early in the morning, the soldier’s migrant workers began to live, dawn, foreman Ren Jiugui will come to shout, roar at a group of migrant workers to clean up the residential area the night before throwing out the construction garbage, called the soldier alone, sitting in his broken bread, went straight to the vegetable market.”When you are naked, I have seen you, we are your savior, we, also don’t want to let you repay kindness what drop, a little, work can’t steal sly play slippery.”Ren Jiugui on the way began to give the new class, the soldier of course only well nod, with his current thinking, feel that these people are pretty good, unexpectedly did not carry the favor plan to report, just remind you, don’t be too low salary ah, 40 a day, not a few, fast catch up with half of the national cadres.Education thinking and understanding, and code of conduct, including on-call, minor injuries than site, have a meal not fussy, etc., President of nine your lists a lot of, close to the market when he was living, said to himself: “oh, I be silly force, you head has a problem, to this how do you say, you don’t remember anyway.””My head is no problem, I can’t remember before drop, you can remember.”Soldiers.A look, yo, this baby true sincere, than eight like that bad seed much stronger, under the car as nine expensive exhorted way: “Remember good, although eight like to leave you, you can’t learn with him, that guy is mouth tied a horn, go where blow to where, not really.”At this point, the soldier accidentally smiled, the smile is a heart blossom out, this smile as nine GUI suddenly spied, he asked: “and, to the foreman to be honest……Tell me, what did Baxi say about me?””He said to follow you.”Soldiers.”Never said that.”Ren Jiu GUI immediately rebuked way.By the way, this is a pair of brothers who are too familiar with each other’s styles. The soldier said with a smile, “Baxi says, brother Jiu, although you are covered in plaster, you have many faults.But in general it’s a kettle of boiling water, with passion in it.””Later less listen to him to say, that goods is blind do ramen, nonsense.”Ren Jiugui listened to his brother behind his praise or criticism, but did not appreciate it. He waved his hand and took his younger brother into the market.It was a group of people, full of novelty in their lives and their language, and the soldier was almost lost in the first day. Look, the foreman himself was full of fun he had never seen before.Before a truck, nine expensive around a car green turned a circle, that sell green hurriedly give smoke, smoke a, clip on the ear a, as nine expensive big wave: “that, give weigh 2 jin.””Two jins?This all ten jins a bundle of wholesale, how to sell to you open?”The scallion salesman is depressed.”Who wants it?That, why don’t you give you weigh two catties, don’t scallion……Maybe thirty dollars for two bundles…You’re not the only one…”Nine GUI looks like a bargain, and cut very smart, as soon as the situation is gone, the seller of green onion is anxious, give in, say or say to add a dollar, gave two bundles, did not prevent nine GUI smoked his two green onion to make up for the loss.Two bundles of green Onions now on the soldier’s arm, plus a bonus cigarette.