Shayna: Holding the microphone, Sister Na and Jing Jing face to face

2022-05-07 0 By

Since “happy Camp” suspended broadcast, Xie Na’s career on the low point, not only did not have her New Year’s Eve host, and he Jiong partner host is no longer her, these months, Xie Na only recorded “Friends please listen 2”, in the program to the identity of the bosom sister to help relieve pressure.It’s been so long since she hosted the show that viewers seem to have forgotten her appearance.At this time, netizens released “Riding the wind and waves sister 3″ Reuters, Xie Na surprise appearance.”Ride the wave sister” the third season has been recorded for a period of time, in the netizens before the capture of Reuters, is not the figure of Xie Na, this xie Na suddenly appeared, it is very surprising.Shayna is wearing a small pink coat, hair up, holding the microphone, smiling expression, seems to be interacting with people, look at shayna’s style, not like a singing and dancing show, but more like a host.Xie na has not shown herself on Hunan TV for a long time. If she can return as a host this time, it will be a new beginning.In the Reuters photo, Shayna and Anjing are pictured together, facing each other and imagining a drama from across the screen.Ning is decisive and outspoken, and Xie na is equally equal. If they can fight, it will be a highlight of the program.Halcyon had participated in “the elder sister that ride the wind and waves”, everybody acts to her style to be seen by all, almost a lot of female entertainers are afraid of her, even Huang Xiaoming dare not bicker with her, do not know Xie Na can see her facial expression.Last season, the hosts of “My Sister” were Huang Xiaoming and Qin Hao. Huang Xiaoming unexpectedly quit because of some reasons, and Qin Hao came to the rescue.With dozens of female entertainers in the entertainment circle to deal with, the host must have their own principles, the aura to be able to hold, in this respect, Xie Na is experienced.Over the years, Shayna has accumulated a lot of experience in entertainment programs, from “Here We Come” to “Wife’s Romantic trip”, and many female artists with Shayna, I believe she can hold this time.For “braving the sister” has been exposed 3 Reuters, have halcyon, cyndi wang, charlene choi and gillian chung, Jessica, guo jie, flora, Wu Jin speech, wu mo sorrow, two elder sister, BY1 (Sun Han), xiaolei huang, tang poetry escape, Zhu Jiejing artists have emerged, such as everyone is discovered in the car back to the villa from work, believe that there is no appearance.Jeong su-yeon is the most popular among them. She changed the word “Korea” in her profile to make her audience feel better.From the first season to the second season of The show, it’s hard to know who will be the winner this summer.Xie Na hosted “Fast Ben”, indeed also suffered a lot of doubts, netizens on her hosting ability is skeptical, I believe she also saw these comments, so in “Friends please listen to 2” a lot of low-key.Hopefully, this time, she can make good use of the stage opportunity to release the shine again!