Spring Festival holiday received four mountain rescue, Beijing Huairou fire: save down a great sense of achievement

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As the holiday draws to a close, what have firefighters been doing?Reporters from Beijing Huairou district fire rescue detachment learned that, in addition to duty, fire officers and fighters during the festival also received four mountain rescue alarm situation, the trapped are taking advantage of the holiday hiking to play the masses.The mountain is dark, the mountain is full of lights, fire fighters or use ropes to protect, or directly hand shoulder, only to safely escort the trapped people home.Around 6:30 p.m. on February 4, huairou District fire rescue detachment received a report that four people, two men and two women, were trapped in the cliff of a wild mountain, unable to move.The international Federation of fire and Rescue station immediately dispatched, a car of six people to the scene.On the way, the fire fighters and the police further communication learned that they a line of four people at 11:20 p.m. that day from bohai town rainbow trout breeding center up the mountain, planning to spend three or four hours to climb the “Zhenbei Lou” down the mountain.”But they tried to take a shortcut down the mountain and veered off course, wasting time and getting stuck on a cliff.”Lu Xukuan, a fire station instructor who led the team, said the four were young and wanted to take advantage of the holiday to climb mountains.At 7:38 p.m., firefighters arrived at the foot of the mountain and located the four people through wechat.By this time, the mountain was pitch dark and covered by thick woods, and only the light of torches and headlights could clear a safe path.”The temperature in the mountain was very low, and when I saw them, the four were sheltering on the back side of the slope.”Lu xukuan said that the four met the fire fighters like meeting relatives, full of gratitude and ashamed words.”Seeing four people’s bodies are not serious, our hearts are hanging on the ground.”Although the four people were healthy, it was not easy to descend the mountain, especially some cliffs with a slope of more than 70 degrees and a height of four to five meters. The fire fighters could only use ropes to do a good job of safety protection and send four people down the cliff one by one.During this period, a lady was physically weak and had no strength on her legs. The fire fighters protected her closely throughout the whole process for fear of accidents.At 10:45 PM, after more than three hours of rescue, the four were brought safely down the mountain.”Outdoor mountaineering to choose regular scenic spots, with good anti-skid, warm, lighting and other equipment, we found in the rescue process, the trapped four people no one beat a flashlight, this is a fatal mistake for the mountain road at night.There is no lighting, one slip and you could fall off the cliff. It’s extremely dangerous.”Lu Xukuan reminds.A tourist accidentally sprained his ankle and was unable to climb down a mountain at the Xiangshuihu Great Wall scenic area in Xiangshuihu, East China’s Zhejiang Province, Feb. 5, 2019.When the fire and rescue station of the international Metropolis arrived at the scenic spot, the police said they had safely descended the mountain.At 3:10 PM on February 4, the huairou District fire rescue detachment received a call from the mother of a 13-year-old boy who accidentally fell and rolled while climbing a mountain, sprained his ankle and was unable to move.Yanqi fire rescue station received a dispatch order to send a car of seven people rushed to the site.Yuan Chengxian, a fire station instructor, said the accident happened to a family of four. The parents and two children were looking for a less crowded place to play, so they went to a wild mountain in Huaibei town. The naughty child was injured while running halfway up the mountain.”The mountain was rough and icy, but fortunately he was not heavy and we took turns carrying him down the mountain.”Yuan chengxian said that around 6 PM, the injured children were carried safely down the mountain. “The real difficulty was the mountain rescue that took place on May 5. It took us more than three hours to get down the mountain.”At 4:20 PM on February 5th, Yanqi Fire rescue station again received a police mission, a 50-year-old middle-aged man in huaibei town in a wild mountain to enjoy the ice waterfall accidentally fell, resulting in thigh root femur fracture, lost the ability to move.At 5:40 a.m., eight firefighters arrived at the scene where the injured man was lying on the ground with his wife guarding him.The firefighters secured the man on a stretcher and began carrying him down the mountain.Yuan chengxian said the man weighed more than 180 kilograms and was injured in his lower waist. He cried out in pain all the way.How to both smooth and ease the man’s pain down the mountain can be difficult to bad fire officers.”We got on the stretcher with six firemen, and we almost walked ten meters and changed positions. On difficult roads, we moved step by step. If we had to, we would ‘shuffle’.”Especially when it comes to steep slopes, firefighters keep their upper body balance while controlling the rhythm with their “foot brake”.Their feet were numb with cold and their toes ached from crossing the stream, but they had to grip the ground against the front of their shoes to keep them from slipping.”When the rescuer returned to the car, he found a hole in the front of one of my shoes,” Yuan said.After more than three hours of difficult rescue, the injured man was safely brought down the mountain at around 8:30 p.m.His wife took out money to give the fire fighters, “certainly can’t accept, in fact, saved our hearts very satisfied, very sense of achievement, at that time just want to hurry back to the team, a hot shower, eat a hot meal.”Yuan chengxian said.