The Beijing Winter Olympics have become the most watched Winter Olympics to date

2022-05-07 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics has become the most-watched Winter Olympics to date, setting new records in terms of broadcast duration, technology and content production methods, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) said at a press conference Thursday.Broadcasters from around the world overcame the pandemic and international travel challenges to bring the Beijing Winter Olympics to the world just six months after the Tokyo Games.The importance of The Olympic Broadcasting Service as the public signal provider of the Olympic Broadcasting and television broadcasts to Olympic rights broadcasters around the world is self-evident.According to relevant statistics, the Beijing Winter Olympics have become the most-watched Winter Olympics to date, as well as the most-watched Winter Olympics on DIGITAL platforms owned by NBC, said Iannis Exakos, CEO of THE company.Exakos said Beijing is the first Winter Olympics to use UHD and HDR, or ULTRA high definition and high dynamic range 4K technology, for broadcast and production.”This is thanks to China leading the world in the use of 5G technology.”He said.In addition, cloud broadcasting is also a major feature of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”This allows us to produce content remotely, allowing for timely transmission of signals.We can produce content without going to the venue, without going to the event venue.””Exakos said.Olympic Broadcast Service will provide broadcasters with more than 6,000 hours of content at the Beijing Winter Olympics, including nearly 1,000 hours of competition content, he said.”All content can meet the needs of digital broadcasting, different platforms, media have different content.”