The Indians are breaking!No one dares to show up for National Day ceremony

2022-05-07 0 By

Indians are known to value National Day ceremonies as their best chance to show off their military might internationally.However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no foreign leaders dared to attend this year’s National Day ceremony. The reason given was the same: The severe situation of the epidemic made it impossible for Indians to attend the ceremony.At the same time, the US and India are engaged in a war of words just to fight over the epidemic. It’s a joke!India’s National Day ceremony and China’s National Day parade is similar in nature, the main purpose is to show the citizens, the world military might.But the biggest difference between India’s military parade and China’s is that China’s military parade arouses international surprise and awe while India’s military parade directly arouses international comical and funny feelings.One of the most memorable moments of India’s National Day celebrations over the past few years has been the motorcycle-built robot display, which has nothing to do with military power at all, more like acrobatics.Of course, this is just an outside idea. The Indian government and indigenous people are still full of pride and confidence in the Ceremony.India has always had a dream to join the ranks of the world’s military powers, so it has spent a lot of money in importing advanced weapons and equipment from all sides in recent years and has been cultivating military talents.India’s prime minister has extended an advance invitation to the leaders of five Central Asian states to attend the country’s military extravaganza ahead of this year’s National Day celebrations.Unfortunately, foreign leaders refused, for the simple and straightforward reason that no one dared to come because of the severity of the situation.Hearing this answer, Indians are broken and powerless to refute it because it is true!The situation in India has caused international concern since the start of the global coronavirus outbreak.There are two reasons. First, there are a large number of slums in the country. The living standard of the local people is quite low.Indians living in slums do not have good Internet access in their homes, so they do not know what is happening and how to properly prepare for the disease.Even if there were signs of infection, they could not afford to go to a hospital.Secondly, Indians have a serious feudal hierarchy.In the early days of the outbreak, Indian hospitals paid attention only to the rich and famous, and only perfunctory treatment to the poor.Sure enough, the epidemic in India spiraled out of control, with a sharp increase in confirmed and fatal cases.India’s official figures have also been questioned internationally about the possibility of false reporting, with the actual situation perceived to be worse than reported.Due to the shortage of medical supplies and beds in India at that time, many patients had no chance to be admitted to hospital, and some died at home or on the street.When these people die, they will not be officially included in the list of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths.With the epidemic in India still not stabilizing, it’s no wonder foreign leaders are afraid to set foot.The latest incident is not the only headache for Prime Minister Modi. India is reportedly engaged in a war of words with the United States, which has long been a close friend of India, in order to be the second to last in the fight against COVID-19.In fact, in the seriousness of the epidemic, India and the United States can be said to be chess match.So far, 930,000 people have died in the United States and half a million in India, though India’s figures have long been seen as underestimates.The two countries are ranked at the bottom of the world in terms of quarantine capacity.But there is no definitive answer as to who is the worst.Because both countries are good face, can only compete for the second to last.India and the United States have always been known as Allies, but when it comes to the critical moment, the boat of friendship will soon capsize, which is seen as a farce by the outside world.