Upgrade the infrastructure here in Baoshan start from the small things to improve people’s happiness

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“Together” people heart “build” happiness circle hejian village is located in baoshan District Luojing town old town area southwest corner, large factories around many.Close to the factory and convenient life, migrant workers will choose to rent in Hejian Village.With the increase of the resident population, the infrastructure requirements of the village have naturally become high.Gather “scattered” change “whole”, the construction of public charging shed “external personnel’s means of transportation are generally battery cars, battery cars in the rental room charging safety risks are very big, our tenants at home at night to charge battery cars, I am on tentersides, for fear of a little accident.”This is something that many villagers are worried about.”Those who know the leaky house are in the yu, and those who know the political failure are in the grass.” Hejian Village platoon felt the whole village residents, and found the existence of “flying cable charging” and other safety hazards.In addition, tenants generally do not have fixed parking spots, and will park their cars outside the house, affecting road traffic, and there will be hidden danger of property loss.In view of this problem, Hejian village held the villagers’ congress to discuss together, carried out many field investigations, selected the site to build the public charging shed, and improved the happiness and security of villagers living in Hejian village.At present, hejian village has built large centralized charging sheds in 6 important points, and 11 farmers have installed small centralized charging sheds in their homes.The bright white carport and the uniform parking space provide shelter from wind and rain and safe charging. The newly-built public charging carport has been widely welcomed and recognized by the villagers since it was put into use.Optimize “meridian”, upgrade and transform drainage pipe “before typhoon days, we here is a river, walk to pull the leg of the thigh root.Road is originally a village meridians, but became a travel obstacle, is really sad!Sorrow!Sorrow!”Mr Zhu pointed to the path in front of the door.”Now, the meridians are smooth, there is no water on the road in rainy days, and it is easier to walk, and you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling on your bike.”Zhujiazhai is located in the north of Xinchuansha Road, the low ground, easy to water flooding in the rainy season, zhujiazhai villagers are deeply troubled.Adhering to the spirit of “small things must be done, difficult things dare to tackle”, Hejian Village actively contacted the construction units, held on-site promotion meetings, and continued to refine the implementation plan, comprehensive upgrading and transformation of zhu’s drainage pipes, and the implementation of the problem.The construction and improvement of the village rain sewage pipe network system, repair of the original pipeline damage, blockage and other problems, to ensure that zhu’s house no longer appear in the rainy season “river road”.Source: Baoshan, Shanghai