Yancheng Rosenson launched event coupons, its description and actual consumption does not match, deceive consumers!

2022-05-07 0 By

A few days ago, a netizen local forum ridicule: Yancheng Rosenson coupons, coupons are not true!Grab a 9.9 off 20 coupon and use it only to be told it’s 2.14 off 10!Wechat group consultation, is a wechat bug, can not be solved!Yancheng Rosenson merchants launched a coupon on Valentine’s Day, but after the Internet users grabbed the coupon, the merchants were told that only a full 10 minus 2.14, and its advertised full 20 minus 9.9 coupon is very different!Among them, the two schemes of the discount description and use instructions in the details of the coupons launched by the business are vague and uncertain, that is, both public and reasonable, but whether the business is deliberately induced and deceived consumers?In special festivals, Yancheng Rosenstore launched activities to attract consumers, but playing “word games” with consumers, set consumers, not only make merchants and consumers unhappy, but also damage their brand image, is it not worth the loss?Hope yancheng Rosenshop related personnel to take the initiative to contact consumers, actively negotiate to solve the problem, if the negotiation is not the case, consumers can also be with consumer associations, industrial and commercial departments to complain, rights protection, reasonable maintenance of their rights and interests!