Zhangjiakou competition area 53,000 volunteers on duty

2022-05-07 0 By

After the city volunteers of Beijing Winter Olympic Games were fully on duty, the city volunteers of Zhangjiakou Competition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games are also ready.Reporters learned from zhangjiakou League municipal Committee, Zhangjiakou competition area city volunteer training, selection and post matching work has been completed.During the race, 53,435 city volunteers will be on duty in Zhangjiakou.It is understood that in accordance with the principle of “sub-regions, sub-tasks, sub-groups”, through extensive launch, layer upon layer selection, the best of the best, zhangjiakou Competition area has a total of 53,435 urban volunteers to participate in key areas and environmental protection urban volunteer service.In terms of key areas, zhangjiakou Will set up 98 urban volunteer service stations, and arrange 2,735 urban volunteers to provide information consultation, civilization guidance, language translation, cultural promotion, emergency rescue and other volunteer services, to show the civilized image of the host city of the Winter Olympics and tell the Chinese story well.In terms of volunteer services for environmental protection, 50,700 urban volunteers will assist in volunteer services in key areas and carry out voluntary services for cleaning homes, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the city and a clean and tidy urban environment during the games.At present, zhangjiakou competition area city volunteer training has been completed.Zhangjiakou Competition Area has carried out a total of 111 general training sessions for volunteers through the combination of online and offline.In addition, by taking advantage of the opportunity of test activities and test matches, we made accurate daily operation plans and organized the whole process and elements of urban volunteers to carry out combat tests. The accumulated service hours reached more than 20,000 hours, which accumulated experience for the official Posting of urban volunteers.Reporter Wang Qipeng Correspondent Guan Jianlin Zhang Ruonan process editor: U022 source: Beijing Evening News