A family of three tragically dead!See three times!Learn to live!

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Early January 17 guangxi cross city Ma Ling town, a car pavement caused a fire killed three preliminary determine the cause for the table at the bottom of the electric heater use undeserved ignition fuel a fire in the incident network connecting electrical wiring specification not use electrical heater for a long time is the main cause of a fire fuel accumulation is lead to fire, fire load quicklySpread the direct cause of the door is not set floor room three layers of illegal build choi steel form relatively intact space rapid fire toxic smoke filled with 2, 3 layer lead to victims of inhalation of toxic gas fire building for residents to build houses is the collection production, management, warehousing, accommodation and other use properties in the same building “all-in-one” as such “all-in-one” the most common siteThe security risks include the following points, quick self-check!Illegal residents illegal addition of interlayer blocking evacuation passage electric car indoor charging front shop back kitchen use combustible combustible materials decoration private wire if your store or the shop downstairs have such a phenomenon you can pay attention to!Once a fire breaks out, it is easy to cause mass death and injury. The fire safety risk of the “three-in-one” place cannot be ignored