Ensure peace and stability during the Spring Festival!Putuo district led the team to check the security work and visited the frontline personnel on duty

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Ugly ox bid farewell to the old year, Yin Hu reported the New Year.Whenever every family reunion, there is always a group of people for the city to stick to their posts, silently dedication.Jiang Dong winter on January 31, New Year’s eve, district leaders, XiaoWenGao, zhang wei, Wei Jing, pre-kindergartners and jakiro grass-roots level on the line, to carry out safety inspection during the Spring Festival, see condolences to the public security policemen, fire commanders and community volunteers safe first-line unattended, thank them in order to ensure the security of the city and orderly operation of contribution, season’s greetings to them and the New Year’s blessing.In the evening, Jiang Dongdong and Xiao Wengao went to zhenru Temple and Yufo Temple to carry out field inspection on the security work of religious sites.Jiang Dong winter and then XiaoWenGao line is divided into two road plum garden to 11 line MTR station respectively, for the apartment, saemaul undong ShuangShan Road LuGuangQuan road, new road, YiChuan road west road, zhongshan north road, new road, nujiang jinsha river road, lanxi light the place such as Hester prynne road, sympathy on duty in a line of police officers, fire commanders and community volunteers,On behalf of the district party committee, the district government to their hard adherence and selfless pay to express gratitude, and told everyone to put the work and responsibilities in place, to ensure the Spring Festival during the safety of production, smooth roads, peace and stability, let the people of the district have a happy, peaceful Spring Festival.■ Leaders of Putuo District visited jiang Dongdong and Xiao Wengao, police officers and fire fighters on duty at the front line, to the Command center of Putuo District Public Security Sub-bureau to have an in-depth understanding of the implementation of security work in the district.