Man street signs looking for a wife conditions simple and clear

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Man street signs looking for a wife conditions simple and straightforward straightforward?Valentine’s Day can be a tough day for singles, especially those looking forward to having a girlfriend.What is marriage for?For love, for running a family, a career together?Or is it a physical need?The possible reasons are complex.There was a man on the street with a sign looking for a wife.(According to jiupai, Nanchang Evening News, Sina) his condition is to find a wife, the condition will be born on the line.If you have to, you can have kids.Is this guy poor? Not necessarily. He said, house, car.With a house and a car, that’s middle class.But this elder brother’s image may be poor, so the request is not high, this is urgent?It could be a joke made by young women who are disgusted by some men, or it could be a real event.Some netizens said it was from Southeast Asia. I think it could be Guangxi, Guangxi or Guangdong.Some netizens said that the pay must be a lot of staged, not necessarily, staged no traffic, actors do not have much money, there is traffic, may be higher income.Some netizens think it is difficult, it is estimated that the image temperament problem, although the house and the car is important, but the condition requirements are so low, the house may be a rural thatched hut, the car may be a bicycle, 28 bars?This person may be too anxious, but because the appearance has a sense of humor, and the monkey anxious, simple and direct conditions, became a joke or joke.In fact, marriage this matter is fate, such as this brand street need courage, also need courage, but the effect is not good, may not be good.His purpose may be to want a child, after all, there are three unfilial, no descendants, perhaps home, parents more anxious.Marriage needs to wait, also need to look for, but also need emotional basis, material basis.Always want to talk about love, flash marriage, directly pull home to get a license, give birth to the child is too urgent monkey.Some “we media” said the man was from Jiangxi or Nanchang. I don’t think he was from Jiangxi, but guangdong or Guangxi.This “we media” may be to see the release of Nanchang Evening News, thought it was Nanchang, Nanchang Evening News often network sent to other places, provinces.Jiupai news is still in Wuhan, the media did not say what place, even the media may not be clear, or feel inconvenient to reveal.Or they just want readers, net friends to guess where.It doesn’t matter where it is, it’s the cola, it’s worth thinking about.Different netizens may have different views, viewpoints, opinions and ideas on the same thing. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand readers’ minds.I think the point of this is that young women should not be complacent about having a house and a car. They are still in such a hurry that they are more ready for sale.Young men should not be too anxious, because they have houses and cars. They are all in such a hurry and their requirements are so low.When a joke see, other people’s things, may not be consistent with your actual situation, you may be more handsome than him, than he has temperament, than he is white, so no house no car, women are willing to, some young women choose a mate, handsome is the first, appearance is very important.Some young women just want it all.And this man, is already understood, the original he, in fact, do not want anything!Lower the conditions, or even no conditions, may choose a larger range, artificially delimited conditions, may choose a reduced range, or even no choice of the object, or you like someone else, they look down on you.Therefore, this young man looks very silly, in fact, very smart, because he understood the true meaning of love, not you set any rules, but two people meet, is a heart collision another heart friction out of the spark, the two people lit up, burning.Not height, education, temperament, occupation, skin, content, income, family and other software hardware.Demanding too much, but finally found, is the ideal ending, but life is always full of regret, to think that they have no regret, nothing, you can always happy, satisfied, no regret!| kundera media (1235 words) Imagine the nangongshan xuan other: some pictures for simulation, does not represent words mean.