Model Y rear-wheel drive

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Tesla’s “demotion” has made many people willing to pay for it, but we might as well have a look at its various aspects of performance before making comments.From the appearance point of view, the front face of Model Y still continues the family-style design style, which is fully enclosed design. The overall appearance is basically the same as Model 3, which Outlines a personalized front face with dynamic lines.That’s why, despite all the buzz around the Model Y, people don’t seem to care when they hit the streets, because the Model 3 already has enough eyeballs.If you look carefully, you can also find that the front bar of Model Y does not have the personality of Model 3, and the overall appearance is relatively smooth.In terms of lighting configuration, Model Y provides a headlamp with lens, and the internal light source is LED, supporting self-adaptive near and far light, automatic headlamp, adjustable headlamp height, headlamp delay off and other functions.As far as the lighting configuration goes, it’s fine.Coming to the side, you can find the Model Y is like the Model 3 “stacked high”, the overall look is a bit bigger, and the design of sliding back also adds a lot of sporty feeling;In terms of size, Model Y is 4750/1921/1624mm in length, width and height, and 2890mm in wheelbase, which is positioned as a medium-sized SUV.In terms of data, the circumference is not outstanding compared to the same level, but the wheelbase is a leading level.The rear part of the car, Model Y uses many design elements from Model 3, such as “duckling tail”, taillight, etc., but different from Model 3, Model Y’s rear visual center of gravity is slightly higher, surrounded by anti-rub guard, also further reflects its SUV identity.In terms of appearance, in my opinion, the Model Y’s appearance level is quite high and can be accepted by most young consumers.In terms of interior, Model Y uses a family-oriented design language, which means “nesting dolls”.A closer look, however, reveals some bright spots in the Model Y, including a decorative panel with wood grain and matte chrome trim that runs through the center console and adds a certain level of class.The 15-inch LCD touch screen integrates almost all of the car’s control functions and is also a meter.In addition, this large screen also provides a wealth of connected applications, entertainment, audio and video, navigation and other aspects, including common button functions also need to find the central control screen, so its learning cost is not low.In terms of seats, the Model Y is equipped with a set of imitation leather seats, which have a good visual texture, and a practical experience, comfort is also commendable.In terms of functionality, the Model Y’s trunk can easily fit three 20-inch, 24-inch and 28-inch suitcases, with main and co-pilot electric adjustment, seat heating, and main seat memory.The Model Y also has room for a 20-inch suitcase in the underfloor trunk and a 20-inch trunk in the trunk trunk.In practical terms, the Model Y works well enough to meet the daily needs of most families.In terms of power, Model Y is equipped with a rear permanent magnet/synchronous motor with a total motor power of 194kW and a total motor torque of 404N·m. The power reserve is not weak and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 6.9 seconds.As for the battery, it is paired with a 60kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, which gives the CLTC a pure electric range of 545km, which is a good result.In terms of charging, The Model Y offers two charging modes: DC fast charge and AC slow charge.In general, from the above aspects, the comprehensive product strength of Model Y is worthy of affirmation. Although the appearance of Model Y is easy to collide with Model 3, the difference is still obvious if you look closely.Interior cabin has no say, “luxury rough”;Slip back modeling on the back row head space slightly impact, fortunately enough spacious leg space.But the Dynamic performance of the Model Y is strong, and the 6.9 second breaking time can satisfy users’ desire for passion for a few moments.So with a $300,000 budget and a liking for electric SUVs, the Model Y is a good bet, given that it used to cost a lot more than it does now.Want to start small partners can consider oh!