Shanghai: To build a high-level spacecraft research and development platform, build commercial satellite batch production line and rocket assembly line

2022-05-08 0 By

According to the website of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on February 16, Shanghai has released the implementation opinions on promoting the high-quality development of spatial information industry in order to further promote the development of spatial information industry.The Implementation Opinions have clarified the development goals of Shanghai’s spatial information industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.By 2025, guided by the construction of an integrated space information system for communication, navigation and teleportation, a new space information technology innovation system and a new pattern of integrated industrial development with digital empowerment will be formed, and the global space information industry will become a source of scientific and technological innovation, a new highland for digital intelligence manufacturing, a gathering place for competitive enterprises, and an export and export place for application services.Focusing on the above goals, the Guidelines put forward 12 main tasks.First, to serve and support the overall needs of the country, strive for supporting missions for manned and lunar exploration projects, serve the construction of satellite networks, and participate in cutting-edge scientific research.Second, build digital and intelligent manufacturing capabilities, develop reusable rockets, build a high-level spacecraft research and development platform, and build commercial satellite batch production lines and rocket assembly lines.Third, develop new spacecraft systems and payloads, develop intelligent satellite hardware and software platforms, and carry out payload research on communications and remote sensing.Fourth, speed up the construction of ground terminals and application systems, develop terminals with communication, navigation and remote integration, and speed up the construction of information and customs stations and photoelectric monitoring systems.Fifth, deepen research on key and core technologies, and carry out large-scale technological breakthroughs in inter-satellite networking, intelligence perception, and on-orbit maintenance.Sixth, we will build a platform system for scientific and technological innovation, build state-level key laboratories, and lay out platforms for commercial space technology innovation.Seventh, we will consolidate the foundation of industrial and supply chains, make breakthroughs in core technologies such as core components and high-end equipment, and strengthen r&d capabilities for basic products.Eighth, strengthen the development of basic support conditions for industrial technologies, enhance product testing and launch support capabilities, and promote the integration of space information and mobile communications standards.Ninth, we will guide and support the orderly development of commercial spaceflight, promote the formation of commercial companies, speed up the research and development of flagship products, and attract leading domestic and foreign enterprises.Tenth, we will foster and expand the application of digital information, promote the demonstration of its application in government services, key industries and mass consumption, and support the solution of “centralized management of one network”.Eleventh, we will coordinate and optimize the industrial layout, create a “dual-core, multi-point” industrial layout, and promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.Twelfth, expand the depth and breadth of international cooperation, support cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, and encourage universities and institutions to conduct international exchanges.The Implementation Opinions put forward clear directions and tasks for Shanghai to promote the development of spatial information industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.In the next step, Shanghai will focus on the overall goal of strengthening the construction of the “four major functions” and deepening the construction of the “five centers”, promote the all-round high-quality development of space science, technology and application, innovate demonstration application scenarios, optimize industrial spatial layout, promote the digital transformation of Shanghai, and improve the city’s energy level and core competitiveness.