The province’s border areas “rule of law publicity and defense” summary will be held

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On February 18, yunnan Provincial Department of Justice, Yunnan Provincial Law Popularization Office and Yunnan Entry-Exit Border Inspection General Station held a summary and promotion meeting of the “rule of law publicity and Defense” activity in the border areas of Yunnan province in Kunming, naming the first batch of “Frontier Law Popularization and Practice Demonstration Bases” in Yunnan province, and announcing ten excellent cases of rule of law publicity in the border areas of yunnan Province.The meeting stressed that must further compaction method main body responsibility, innovation the franco-prussian methods, through the development of the rule of law publicity and education, improving jurisdiction the borders, and law-abiding consciousness of the masses, to inspire the people take the initiative to support and actively participate in the border area border management enthusiasm, form a pattern of police force, the frontier should be good.The meeting pointed out that it is of great political, historical and realistic significance to carry out the campaign of “promoting the rule of law and strengthening border defense”.Meeting requirements, departments in all localities should insist on and strengthen the party leadership in an all-round way, for the work of the franco-prussian in-depth study appreciate xi basic spirit and the core principles of the rule of law thought, earnestly implement the ideas of xi jinping, the rule of law to work in the dissemination process, implement the “five-year” the franco-prussian work on various aspects, to assure the rule of law publicity and education of correct direction;We need to consolidate the principal responsibility for popularizing the law, and take the campaign of “promoting the rule of law and strengthening border defense” as a long-term basic project.We should adhere to the integrity and innovation, and constantly improve the pertinence and penetration of the work of legal popularization;We should focus on our primary responsibilities and responsibilities, integrate the work of popularizing the law with the efforts of the Party, the government, the army, the police and the people to strengthen border defense, crack down on cross-border crimes, and build well-off border demonstration villages and border demonstration towns, so as to enhance the rule of law in border governance.(Dong-A Ilbo reporter)