These measures should be kept in mind when entering parks and scenic spots during the Spring Festival holiday

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Spring Festival holiday daily sister to remind the general public friends into the park, scenic areas to play prevention and control measures to remember as far as possible to choose open suburban tourism, avoid hot spots, the implementation of online booking, off-peak travel.Plan your trip in advance and prepare adequate protective materials such as masks and hand sanitizers.Cooperate with parks and other places to do a good job of temperature check code, scan code registration, scientific and correct wear masks and other epidemic prevention requirements.Customers with fever or respiratory symptoms, especially those who have recently had close contact with patients with respiratory infectious diseases, are not recommended to visit.Follow cough etiquette and cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue.Do not spit everywhere. Wrap nasal and mouth secretions with tissue paper and dispose of them in garbage bins.Pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash hands or use hand sanitizers to clean hands before and after eating, going to the toilet, and touching recreational facilities. Do not touch your mouth, eyes, nose, etc.Maintain social distancing from others when visiting or waiting in line.When paying for tickets, try to choose non-cash and non-contact payment methods such as swiping cards and scanning codes.Visitors should keep a safe distance from wild animals and do not provoke or feed them.Source: Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control wechat official account, Xinhua News Agency client On duty Director: Chen Bin On duty Director: Li Guodong Content review: Fan Xueling Editor in charge: Chen Chuning