To “make money” for the New Year, the man was staring at the cover of the tree hole, the result of the tragedy!

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Source | city site comprehensive by hubei do not reprint without permission Sources such as delete will investigate in order to eliminate the phenomenon of net-poles loess bare of trees along the, garden department for a section of net-poles affixed with the cast iron plate.However, it is this cover, was even targeted by lawbreakers.Recently, landscape authorities in Wuhan, Hubei province, found that some cast-iron covers of roadside tree holes had been stolen during routine inspections.After receiving the report, the Jiangan branch of wuhan Public Security Bureau immediately reviewed public video footage of the incident and soon identified a suspected man.Yu Can, police officer of Jiangan District Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, said he was wearing a blue coat when committing the crime, which took place between 12 PM and 3 am.Through the analysis of the suspected man’s crime video, the police found that every time he committed a crime, the cover will be installed on a trailer, and then dragged back to the Jianghan district of a community.The police station immediately organized the police to visit the community investigation, and then found that the community in a carport just parked inside the trailer used to drag stolen tree hole cast iron.After the inquiry, the police determined that the owner of the trailer Tu mou is suspected of stealing tree hole cast iron cover.However, according to the community property staff, Tu is not a community resident, just live in a nearby small hotel.When the police arrived at the hotel, Tu was not in his room and was said to have gone to zhongshan Park next to the hotel.Chen Bei, auxiliary police officer of jiangan Public Security Sub-bureau labor Police Station: We decided to divide the soldiers into two ways, one way to stay in front of the hotel, in case he suddenly returned.We’ll search the park the other way.Finally in zhongshan Park chu culture hall next to the arrest is playing chess suspects.After the trial, the suspect Tu confessed, because the work is unstable, last year did not earn any money.In order to go back to his hometown in Anhui For the Spring Festival, he stole the roadside hole cast iron cover plate to sell.At present, the suspect Tu mou for suspected theft by the river shore police criminal detention.