Tongren: 50 million yuan has been saved by “cloud” remote medical treatment of 3.58 million residents’ health records

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 15, in Pingdongkou Village, Muhuang Town, Yinjiang Autonomous County, Tongren city, village doctor Wang Yan opened the “multi-parameter health detection machine” to test the health of an 87-year-old Man surnamed Ren.A few minutes later, the multi-parameter detection machine showed that the elderly’s blood sugar, blood pressure are in the normal range.She said: “old man, your body is very healthy, in the diet should be a reasonable balance of meat and vegetables…””Thank you, thank you.”The old man went away happy to hear that he was well.And Wang Yan opened tongren regional national health information platform, update the elderly electronic health files.She said: “The party’s policy is good, for the village equipped with multi-parameter health testing machine, can do blood sugar, blood pressure and other checks for villagers, test data file upload system, for the reference of doctors in higher hospitals, villagers can also come to the health room to check their health records.”Like Ren, all 1665 villagers in Pingdongkou village have established their own electronic health records.The file is like a medical record, including information about surgery, allergies, family history, blood pressure and so on.Thanks to the establishment of electronic health records, Zhang, who has been working abroad for years and returned to the village for the Spring Festival this year, was able to detect, intervene and treat high blood sugar early.”In the past, people used paper medical records, which were not only easy to be lost, but also different hospitals did not communicate with each other, leading to repeated examinations and increasing the burden on people.”Wang Chun, deputy director of Tongren Municipal Health Bureau, said that tongren municipal Health bureau is constantly improving the comprehensive security capacity of grassroots health, and implementing the key population health services to complement the shortcomings of the project.Tongren has built a health record cloud platform — a regional national health information platform. After authorization, the electronic medical records of primary medical institutions in tongren can be interconnected with the electronic health records of residents.Through residents’ electronic health records, doctors can fully understand the physical conditions of community residents, judge the types and development rules of common chronic diseases, and better provide public health services and basic medical services for urban and rural residents.At the same time, standardized and complete inspection reports and corresponding image data can be interconnected between medical institutions, which promotes mutual recognition of inspection and test results and effectively reduces the medical burden of the masses.Tongren has also organically combined residents’ electronic health records with telemedicine services and Internet diagnosis and treatment services to build a new Internet diagnosis and treatment service model of “first diagnosis at the grass-roots level, examination and testing at the grass-roots level, diagnosis at the ‘cloud’ and treatment at the grass-roots level”.If the township health centers are receiving villagers for medical treatment and encounter undiagnosed conditions, they can launch remote consultation applications to the superior hospitals, and send routine examinations and electronic health files to the superior hospitals. Experts from the superior hospitals will issue diagnosis results and diagnosis and treatment plans, so that the masses can see good diseases and afford them at their “doorsteps”.Data show that up to now, Tongren has established 3.58 million electronic health records for residents, including medical and health data from 21 county-level medical institutions, 155 township-level medical institutions and more than 2,000 village clinics.Telemedicine services have been provided to more than 250,000 people.According to the county-level hospital to see a doctor need to spend more than 200 yuan per person for transportation, accommodation, a total of more than 50 million yuan of additional expenditure for the masses.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Guo Jin CAI Qian editor Liu Juanyang Tao editor Min Jie