Yangquan Town, Xiaoyi City: Yangko stage to celebrate the Lantern Festival

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Gongguhuantian ode harvest, yuanxiao huantianxin.On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the villagers of Wayaopu Village, Yangquanqu Town, organized 14 Yangko dance shows in Chongyi Garden, bringing a visual feast full of rich local cultural flavor to the people of the whole city.Festive gongs and drums, sonorous and powerful, inspiring;The cheerful Yangko dance is energetic and full of passion.Everywhere in the streets filled with joy and harmony of the festive atmosphere, filled with bright joy of laughter, full of thriving vitality.”Skills Training into farmers” and “The spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China refers to the voyage” combine the strong festive atmosphere and local elements organically, with novel forms of expression, light and simple language, so that the policies of the Party and the country more deeply rooted in the people.”The Lantern Festival to send auspicious” “Yangko village jubilant” “farewell to greet the New Year singing the new era” depicts the city’s cadres and the masses of the people with the harmony of the picture, but also sing the filial piety river children forge ahead, keeping pace with The Times, happy festival festival picture.Audience chu Kaiqi came to have a look at people’s Yangko, the performance is very good, the party’s policy propaganda, rural new ideas are very good, we all like.Audience Zhang Liguang brought the old mother to take a look at the Lantern Festival, really lively ah, people are very happy, I wish you all the year of the Tiger Dragon tengteng Tiger jump, tiger qi, tiger Tiger alive, better than a year.Performers guo Yinsheng for the Lantern Festival we compiled since the performance of some programs, The party members of The Village, cadres take the lead, can knock gong gong, can beat the drum of the drum, the Lantern Festival we had a thriving.The Lantern Festival is one of the most important traditional Festivals in China. The custom of welcoming friends and enjoying the full moon has spread for thousands of years.Today yuanxiao, the weather just, let us take the reunion of the good and the blessing of the family, in the New Year to continue to work hard, live up to the time!Performers guo Fusheng today I play a martial arts students, mainly to stick, I wish xiaoyi city villagers happy Lantern Festival.Performer Guo Shuping rolls up her sleeves to work hard and get rid of poverty.Reporter/Jin Hua Xiang Pu