Come on for the Winter Olympics!The “national” opening way of ice and snow sports

2022-05-09 0 By

The Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is just around the corner, and the atmosphere of the games is coming together with the strong flavor of the New Year. Ice and snow sports have become the focus and hot spot of everyone’s attention.On January 28, the reporter came to jinan Jinxiang Mountain ski resort, personally feel ice and snow sports “nationwide” upsurge.According to ski resort operations managers, as the Beijing Olympics approached, ski resorts reception number slowed this year, an ice and snow sports is becoming a popular fitness routine movement, the demands of consumers and suppliers to achieve closer integration in the market, especially the more and more teenagers from enlightenment and love with ice and snow sports, more intuitive.During the winter vacation, many parents choose to bring their children to the snow resort to experience the charm of ice and snow sports.Some ski resorts in the province even open night sessions to meet the needs of exercise in different time periods. From children to adults, ice and snow sports have become a new trend of national fitness.(Report by Liu Ying, Tang Xiaoning, dazhong Daily Client reporter)