Foreign leaders visit the Great Wall | Bush: Sing a song of peace from the Wall

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On February 22, 2002, then-US President George W. Bush and his wife climbed the Badaling Section of the Great Wall in Beijing, China, as more than 120 schoolchildren sang.Bush and his wife were soon chatting with schoolchildren.Cross-age friendships mingle in the song of peace, the city of Peace.With only 30 hours left in China, Bush expressed his wish to visit and experience the Great Wall.The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders in the history of world architecture. It is famous for its vast engineering and history of more than 2000 years.In terms of history, culture and national spirit, it is the witness of thousands of years of history, the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, and the brilliant treasure of Chinese civilization.Facing the magnificent Great Wall, Bush sighed: “The Great Wall is still, China has changed.”On the Wall, Bush left this inscription: “Peace and good luck to our people!”The Great Wall is a peace-loving cultural complex of the Chinese nation for generations.Every brick and stone on the Great Wall embodies the wish for peace of the Chinese nation, which is the common pursuit of all mankind.