Sichuan man caught selling his own zhennan tree!Expert: harm protect plants!Investigation of criminal responsibility

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Recently, Sichuan Province muchuan County procuratorate to endanger the national key protection of plant crime to the man Zhang mou filed a public prosecution.On November 20, 2020, Liao took a keen interest in a zhennan tree from Zhang’s house, so she bought it for 1,500 yuan and asked workers to cut it down, only to be caught.Many people think that their plots or the trees that grow on the hills are their own and they can do with them as they please, but this is not true.Not every tree can be cut down and sold by itself.Experts said, zhennan tree belongs to the second national key protection plants, Zhang illegally sold national key protection plants, its behavior violated article 344 of the criminal law, the facts of the crime is clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, should harm the state key protection plant crime to investigate its criminal responsibility.It is a large evergreen tree with leathery young branches, a dark-brown trunk, and green leaves throughout the year.This kind of tree likes warm and humid climate and is planted more frequently in the southwest of China.Zhennan tree has developed roots, deep roots and long life.It is often used in landscaping or urban greening.The zhennan tree, with its thick branches and fine wood, is widely used. It is said that it can also be used as medicine to protect the body and treat diseases such as cholera, stomach diseases, otitis media, and beriberi.Many people like to use it to make furniture and utensils.So it is one of the highest economic value of nanmu.Some friends estimate said, it and gold nanmu who is more precious?In fact, it is not a tree, but a phenomenon that can be found in all zhennan-trees, and the zhennan-tree category is most likely to be found in gold zhennan-trees, so it is the best.In 2018, zhu, a villager in Sichuan province, sold seven wild Zhennan trees he had kept on a mountain for 150 yuan each, and then hired someone to cut down the trees.As a result, he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years, and fined 10,000 YUAN!And Zhu must replant 35 zhennan and survive.So even their own mountain trees are not cut down.Shandong zaozhuang farmer Li contracted a piece of land in the town, and planted more than 700 poplar trees above, a few years later, the poplar grew up, Li will be 30,000 yuan in the price, sold more than 700 poplar trees.Li later received a notice telling him to turn himself in because his cutting of poplar trees has been established as a criminal case.Li was later sentenced to 2 years in prison, and returned 30,000 yuan from selling the trees and fined 10,000 yuan.The workers who cut down the trees with them were also sentenced to six months to one year in prison.Not only the trees on the mountain, but even the trees planted in the community should not be cut down.Li in Shanghai bought a camphor tree and planted it in his yard. After several years of growth, the tree grew taller and taller, and began to block the sun from Li’s house.So Li mou moved this camphor tree to the outside of the yard.After a few more years, the tree began to block sunlight from the yard, so Li hired someone to trim it.Workers cut off all the branches of the tree, leaving a trunk of more than 2 meters high.Who knew this matter was reported by the residents of the community, and then the urban management staff to Mr. Li opened a 144,200 yuan of administrative fines.The reason is that “individuals do not have the right to transplant or cut trees on public green space before they have not been approved by the district greening department.Why is that?Because you can cut their own trees, but you have to go to apply for a logging permit, with this card you have the qualifications to cut trees, otherwise only the qualifications to plant trees.And once you have this certificate, you have to cut down the trees according to the specified time, number, species or method, not just a few trees you want to cut down.Not only can’t cut, even a trim is not allowed.For trees with DBH less than 25 centimeters, you can do it yourself, but if you do more than that, you will be penalized for trimming trees that you have planted at home.And even if it can be trimmed, it has to be done by the book.The reason why the country has made so many regulations is to protect the sustainable growth of the environment and resources.As a result of these rules of protecting trees, the ecological environment in many places has become better and various animals have begun to appear in our sight, even the animals that were once thought to be extinct have appeared.However, this kind of thing is generally really do not know ah, who can think of their own trees must handle permits to cut it.# sichuan ## Muchuan #