His remains were found 19 years after his son disappeared in 1999

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In 1999, a 26-year-old young man in Hebei province went missing after working outside and was never heard from. His family searched for years but found nothing.Unexpectedly 19 years later, when old parents are transforming dry toilet, unexpectedly in own yard, dug out son sen sen’s bones.What happened then?By whom was the man harmed?And why were they buried in their homes?This edition of History Takes you inside this bizarre event.On the afternoon of March 28, 2019, a shrill whistle pierced the tranquil atmosphere of a village in Nangong city, Hebei Province.Several police cars parked in front of a farmyard, and a group of police officers dismounted and quickly put up a yellow cordon in the yard.But the villagers, who had gathered a crowd of onlookers, lingered nearby, whispering, unwilling to disperse.The owners of the house, surnamed Lu, were an elderly couple.Because the dry toilet in the home is in disrepair, the old road and the old lady with inconvenient legs are very tired and troublesome every time they go to the toilet, the old couple have been wanting to repair the dry toilet.On the afternoon of the 28th, all the tools and materials were ready, taking advantage of the sunny and beautiful weather.The old couple invited several young and strong men from the village to help repair the toilet.Lao Lu house is a common courtyard in the north, with three rooms facing south side by side, and dry toilets built in the southeast corner.Lao Lu and Lao Mrs. Lu are usually kind and friendly. They get along well with their neighbors and villagers. Many villagers come to help them spontaneously.With concerted efforts, we soon leveled the old and dilapidated toilet.However, they were preparing to lay the foundation for a new, larger dry toilet when, less than a meter into the ground, white bones appeared in the dirt.As one of the villagers recalled, “We thought they were animal bones, but we didn’t care.As we dug, more and more bones came out, we felt something was wrong, so we called the local police.”The Nangong Public Security Bureau arrived at the scene immediately after receiving the report.Through further excavation and exploration, the police soon judged that a skull belonged to human bones, and pieced together a complete human skeleton.At first, the police suspected that under Lao Lu’s dry toilet might be an ancient tomb from a long time ago.But that speculation was quickly disproved.For the body was covered with nothing but long Johns and a pair of socks.You know, Chinese people have always been in awe of death since ancient times, and the funeral ceremony has a lot of etiquette.Speaking of single burial, ancient Kings and nobles large-scale tomb need not say more.Even among the poor, it used to be common for children to be sold into slavery in order to give their parents a decent burial.In short, no matter how difficult the family circumstances, no matter how special the circumstances, the normal burial is unlikely to have such a situation, not even a straw mat, but also the dead body naked.And in subsequent further investigation, the police is to judge according to spot situation analysis, the deceased should belong to abnormal death.In other words, Lao Lu home dry toilet under the bones, nine out of ten involved in a murder buried corpse case.So, who is this bone?According to the m.E., the victim is male, about 5 ‘6 “tall.Unfortunately, since the victim has been dead for many years and has been completely reduced to bones, it is difficult for the medical examiner to further identify his information and the specific cause of death.And with no physical evidence found anywhere near the burial site, it looks as if the investigation is about to stall.However, when the police asked the old couple if there were any missing persons in the village, they got an important piece of information.Lao Lu said his son, Lufei Ping, has been missing for 19 years.It was the winter of 1999, as the old couple recalled.One day, zhao Xinxia, his daughter-in-law, suddenly came to them and told them that Lu Feiping had gone to a meat factory in Tianjin to buy some goods and had not returned home for seven or eight days.At first, the old couple didn’t worry too much.But as the day goes by, Lu Fei ping has been missing, the old couple heart began to be uneasy, afraid of their son in the outside.They wanted to call the police and go to Tianjin to find their son, but were stopped by their daughter-in-law.Zhao Xinxia told them that Lu Feiping had just come to the news, said to stay in Tianjin to work, can not go home for a while, let parents not to worry.In this way, in the daughter-in-law’s every comfort, relief, Lao Lu and Lao Lao too tight nerves gradually relaxed down, began to patiently wait for the son to return.To their surprise, the wait was 19 years.For 19 years, Lufei ping never returned home, nor did he receive a single phone call or letter.The old couple went to Tianjin twice to look for their son, also have nothing, Lufei flat as if god hidden, the world evaporated.Over the years, old Lu and Old Lady Lu sprouted many ideas.For example, is the son determined to be successful and then return home, but the struggle has not been smooth outside, just have no face and home contact.For example, a son may be trapped by an illegal agency and forced to work in a closed area with no contact with the outside world.Or maybe the son was too distracted by the glamour of the outside world to look down on the village, so he was left behind with his parents and wife.Although the loss of their son broke their hearts, they still believed that their son would come home sooner or later.Just as Lu said, “When he went out, he was not a child, nor was he ten or eight years old. He had both his parents at home and his wife was married. How could he not come back?”However, as the unnamed bones were dug up in their yard, the hearts of the old couple jumped.They had never thought of their son’s death before.But now looking at the bones, about lufei ping 19 years of life not dead not dead doubt, as if instantly have the answer.A macabre guess quickly took shape in the minds of all.The police immediately extracted the DNA of Lu and Lu, and sent it to the bone for identification and comparison.As expected, buried in the old road home dry toilet below this bone — is missing 19 years of road flying flat.Strange Daughters-in-law It is well known that both criminal and police investigations often involve a principle called “darkness under the lights”.To put it bluntly, “The safest place is the most dangerous place.”The murder of Luffy Ping, apparently, was a perfect response to this law.Of course, theory is theory, murder after burying the dead in the yard of the dead person, this behavior regardless of the degree of madness, alone is difficult to implement.In order to find out the truth of The murder of Lu Feiping, Nangong city police immediately launched a visit to the village investigation, in-depth understanding of Lu Feiping’s people, interpersonal relationships, especially whether he had a grudge against anyone.Police visit villagers according to the description of the villagers, the police learned that Lu Fei ping disappeared when only 26 years old, he was introverted, honest, not to mention with people have disputes and hatred, and even very rare he and others eye.But there was one thing — the Lu family relationship was very bad.According to the villagers, after Zhao xinxia married Lu Feiping, the Lu family’s life was a mess.Zhao Xinxia’s personality is very strong and domineering, there is nothing to see but the eye, on the spot will attack.And the attitude of words is extremely bitter, do not give her husband, in-laws to leave mercy.When the police visited the four villagers living together, Zhao Xinxia and Lao Lu often quarreled with each other because of some trifles in life.And they don’t have to fight and vent and then move on.On the contrary, the contradictions build up and make the family relationship extremely tense and rigid.The most important is that the lufeiping in the middle, not only did not play a mediating role, but intensified the family conflict.He stood firmly beside his parents and joined in criticizing Zhao xinxia, constantly stimulating her negative emotions.For this, the two also began to fight many times.Until later, because of Zhao Xinxia’s pregnancy, the old couple afraid to go down again, will affect the child’s health and safety, the initiative to move out.The relationship between the parents-in-law and the daughter-in-law finally thawed.Emotional discord, frequent quarrel, beating and kicking, driving parents-in-law.In this way, Zhao Xinxia clearly has a clear motive and is the prime suspect.Although it was hard for the police to imagine or believe, a pregnant woman would brutally murder her husband, leave her child without a father, and bury the body for years.But how, as the depth of the investigation, more and more suspects on Zhao Xinxia.From the crime feasibility, when Lu Fei ping disappeared, the old road husband and wife have moved out, the whole yard only Lu Fei Ping and Zhao Xinxia two people live.No one knows what happens inside when the gate is closed.And this also just can explain, after the murderer committed the crime, how under Zhao Xinxia’s eyes, killed and buried the body.It is worth mentioning that there is a difference in physical strength between men and women.Luffy was only 1.6 meters tall and very thin.Zhao Xinxia, who has been doing farm work since childhood, is very strong and healthy.Therefore, even if Zhao Xinxia was more than two months pregnant at the time, she was fully capable of killing people, carrying bodies and digging graves to bury them.Of course, the most crucial point – Zhao Xinxia lied.It has been mentioned before, in 1999 when Lu Feiping disappeared, Zhao Xinxia had clearly told the old couple, Lu Feiping went to tianjin to purchase a meat factory.After a period of time and said, Lu Fei ping decided to stay in Tianjin to work.However, after the police investigation, Zhao Xinxia mouth of the meat factory, as early as many years before The disappearance of Lufei Ping closed down.Since the meat factory does not exist, the purchase of nature is made up.As for later she conveyed to her in-laws, Lu Feiping reported to his safety, said to stay in Tianjin to work, etc., are obviously her lies to cover up the truth.The truth finally came to light although the police did not have direct practical evidence, but all sorts of clues, doubts do not point to the possibility that Zhao Xinxia killed her husband.In order to confirm this speculation, the police invited Zhao Xinxia to the police station, in-depth investigation and interrogation.The police did not know whether they were regretful and conscience-disturbed, or shocked by the police’s sharp and pressing questions.After a patient communication, Zhao Xinxia finally confessed to her husband’s murder and took the initiative to tell the whole story about the motive, means and process of the murder.As the villagers broke the news, the root cause of this murder is family conflict, the direct cause is the old road old couple was forced to move out of the old house.According to Zhao xinxia’s recollection, “It was October of the lunar calendar in 1999, and he came back from abroad.He told me people outside were saying it was a shame for the old man to go out.””Luffy was mad at me, and I said if I couldn’t do it, I’d get a divorce.””I said divorce, he said no divorce.I say we can’t live, either you die or I die.”That day, a fierce argument broke out between Lufei ping and Zhao Xinxia because Zhao xinxia used their children to kick their parents out of the house.Emotional, Lufei ping severely hit Zhao Xinxia’s hand.That was the trigger for the tragedy that followed.Zhao xinxia said: “He gave me pain, I am impatient.He was standing by the bed, and I held him under it.””You don’t want me dead, I want you dead.A pair of shoelaces thrown on the bed, I say strangle you.””Luffy didn’t resist me much. He didn’t think I was serious.”In this way, under the stimulus of the pain, angry Zhao Xinxia put the defenseless Lu Fei ping ruthlessly fell to the ground.At that time, she almost lost her reason, but in anger and hatred, subconsciously picked up the shoelaces thrown on the bed, severely strangled her husband’s neck.When she recovered, Luffy – ping had collapsed under her, completely dead.After the reaction comes over oneself to kill, Zhao Xinxia whole person is scared not light, panic, fear, regret, all sorts of emotions welled up her mind.In the end, of course, none of these emotions were matched by her fear of going to jail.Perhaps in the heart of Zhao Xinxia at that time, is the first thing to pick up the lufei ping, move the hand, their own murder was forced to accident.There was no way she would sacrifice the rest of her life for her long-lost husband.After much deliberation, Zhao Xinxia decided to cover up the truth.With the residence is a single courtyard, Zhao Xinxia took advantage of the quiet of the night, locked the door, dug out a shallow pit next to the dry toilet, the body of Lu Fei ping pushed into it buried.In the days that followed, she looked calm and did housework as usual, chatting with neighbors and villagers.Wait for seven or eight days, Zhao Xinxia pretended to be a pair of worried look, find the in-laws explained the “whereabouts” of Lu Feiping.Not only that, after killing Lu Feiping, Zhao Xinxia also lived alone in lu’s yard for about two years.During the period, she changed past arrogant and domineering appearance, patient and gentle to the old road couple brainwashing, tell them that Lufei Ping in order to let the family live a good life, working in Tianjin to make money, very busy and tired, no time to contact them.It wasn’t until two years later that it was determined that the case had been thoroughly covered up and no one suspected it.Zhao Xinxia was wearing a “abandoned by her husband” the identity of the poor woman left the road home, the old road couple also subsequently moved home, began to bitter son return.It is worth mentioning that the whole case of killing her husband and burying his body looks very simple at first glance, and Zhao Xinxia seems to have successfully taken advantage of the advantages of living alone.But in fact, all of the details are clearly designed by Zhao Xinxia.The police looked at the scene, for example, and chose the burial site next to the dry toilet, probably to mask the stench of decomposing bodies.Lied that Lu Feiping went to Tianjin, because before the two married, Lu Feiping is in Tianjin to work, he has not been to other cities.It is far more convincing to say he went to Tianjin than to say other cities, or to generalize by saying “going to the city”.All in all, zhao managed to deceive everyone for 19 years by telling a series of “perfect lies” and being incredibly calm.After learning the truth, the old road couple is heartbroken.Old lady Lu cried bitterly and said, “She said that she had eyes and nose. She believed her. I doubted her at all.”Better to have told me then and killed him, killed him.I can’t bear the thought of my child in a big hole.”Fortunately, justice is slow but sure.Because of the idea of a reform dry toilet, old road couple accidentally dug out the bones of the road to fly flat, thus learned the son “missing 19 years” the truth, also saw the murderer was brought to justice scene.They say marriage is not just a matter of two people, but between two families.No matter the relationship between husband and wife, or the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, these need every family member to seriously manage.When dealing with people, we should tolerate each other on the premise of sticking to our own bottom line.To know, if a ignorance of complaints, accusations, venting anger, light relationship broken, or even lead to the road family suffered a tragic tragedy.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.