Thyroid nodule, does Traditional Chinese medicine recuperate still need to eat superior armour joy at the same time?How to add or subtract Uca

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In the thyroid patients I receive, many people have asked me such questions: “Director Xu, can I take western medicine, such as Uca, while taking the Chinese medicine you prescribed?”This is actually a question of whether traditional Chinese and western medicine can be combined.Through the systematic development of western medicine, its achievements in promoting health and maintaining life are obvious to all, but the problems in its development are increasingly prominent.Apart from social problems, I will only point out the medical effect: as the division of western medicine becomes more and more fine, it leads to the first and second treatments, which only sees the part but not the whole, increases the probability of misdiagnosis, aggravates the doctor-patient contradiction, further increases the medical burden, and hinders the achievement of medical purposes.This is western medicine. Let’s go back to Chinese medicine.TCM, of course, is an important part of the fine culture of the Chinese nation and the key to unlocking the treasure house of Chinese civilization.However, it still has some problems, such as lack of innovation in theoretical research and expression, insufficient integration with modern science, lack of necessary convincing clinical data, limitations and uncertainties in the treatment of diseases, and it is difficult to be widely understood and accepted by modern society.Therefore, the effective combination, complementary advantages and mutual promotion of the two medical systems are not only an inevitable choice to promote people’s health, but also an inevitable requirement to build a medical and health system with Chinese characteristics.The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat thyroid nodules is still at the lowest level, that is, the level of taking drugs at the same time.I want to show you a medical record.Ms. Jia, 45 years old, came to me for consultation because of neck swelling and discomfort, accompanied by chills and edema for more than half a month.Physique of Ms. Jia, quartering performance with her appearance is changed, the symptoms of chills, limb is not warm, facial swelling pressure, the swelling of lower limbs, abdomen bilges full, swollen neck discomfort with tenderness, cough phlegm, white phlegm, weak tired, memory drops, unresponsive, loss of libido, thousands of dry mouth, dry skin, can sleep light, yellow urine, stool, gooey deformed,Weak discharge, once a day.Menstrual quantity is little color can, blood clot is much, accompany lower abdomen cold pain, breast bilge pain, lumbar acid.I feel sick all over.Observe the pulse of its tongue: the tongue is light, the moss is white, the pulse is heavy and fine.At the same time, refer to the five thyroid function reports and color ultrasound reports she brought with her — uneven thyroid parenchyma accompanied by nodules in the left lobe, the size of nodules was 0.8cmx0.6cm, mass benign fibroids of uterus and hyperplasia of mammary gland.Ignore the diagnosis result of western medicine, diagnose directly with the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine: gall disease, deficiency of spleen and kidney Yang, water wet flood.According to the syndrome differentiation, the preparation methods were as follows: Herba herba, Epimedium herba herba, Radix Pseudostellariae, Stir-fried Atractylodes atractylodes with bran, poria poria, Poria coxburghii, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes achyranthes rhizoma, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma alismatifolia, Rhizoma lycopersicae, Rhizoma lycopersicae.30 agent.Jia was given 0.5 tablets a day of ucora.She was also told to control her weight and avoid seafood, spicy foods, fried foods and nuts.She smiled awkwardly: all the things she said were good.On her second visit, a month later, she casually took a look at her figure. Compared with her initial size, she obviously lost some weight.This is an obedient patient.This time, Ms. Jia said that the swelling of the limbs was better than before, the temperature of the limbs was alleviated, fatigue and fatigue were improved, expectoration was reduced, abdominal distention was alleviated, there were still facial edema, chills, dry skin, pharyngeal discomfort symptoms, nACHo sleep easy to wake up, urine yellow, stool formation, 1 times a day.Weight does not change, menses quantity is little, have blood clot, dysmenorrhea reduces, breast bilges painful.Observe its tongue again: tongue red fat edge teeth mark, thin white moss, pulse slippery.Then party as follows: radix pseudostellariae, curculigo, bran Fried atractylodes, grifola, poria cocos, epimedium, ze LAN, radix cyathulae, alisma, salt car leaves, etc.Uracol is taken alternately at 75μg and 50 μg daily – for reasons I’ll discuss at the end.In order to save space, I will skip the three or four consultations and tell you about the fifth consultation: The changes of the fifth consultation. This time, Ms. Jia’s body is much slimmer. It seems that she has been very obedient and has been losing weight.Go to this course of treatment of Miss Jia, the expression between the conversation, already relaxed a lot.She said there was no obvious discomfort, eating and sleeping well, and urine and feces were harmonized.Menstrual color can be, no blood clots, no discomfort.The tongue is red, the moss is white, and the pulse is heavy and thin.Thyroid function: FT3 2.58 pg/ mL,FT41.06 ng/dL, TSH 1.8770 uIU/mL, anti-TPO33.01 IU/mL, anti-TG 11.27 IU/mL.Color ultrasound showed that the nodules had shrunk from 0.8cmx0.6cm in size to 0.3cmx0.2cm, and the threat of malignant transformation was basically removed.I continued to consolidate and maintain the regimen of 75μg and 50μg of eumetra daily to keep up the momentum.This medical case study is about the application of Traditional Chinese medicine, which has been described in previous articles. In this medical case, it is omitted to talk about the addition and subtraction of eucla.Eumetra is usually a 50μg tablet. As The patient Ms. Jia was diagnosed with thyroid disease for the first time, the dose of eumetra was gradually increased from 25μg to 75μg daily, and 50μg was used alternately, so that thyroid function indexes could reach the standard gradually and TSH was controlled to 1.5 ~2.5 μIU/mL, so that thyroid cells tended to be balanced and stable.Indirect control of thyroid nodule growth.On this basis, in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine of tonifying kidney and helping Yang, water infiltration, liver qi and other steps, step by step speaking nodules down.This is a typical case of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.