Wang Jianlin: I will tell you not to mess with Wang Sicong. He has a serious “superior INTELLIGENCE quotient”.

2022-05-10 0 By

Since October last year, the entertainment industry has not had the news of Wang Sicong for a long time, I remember the last time President Wang boarded the hot search or because of a beautiful female network red, precisely because of this beauty President Wang aroused everyone’s attention, originally thought it was a “flower” provoked by the president,As a result, the woman exposed the chat records but opened the other side of his love in the other side of the net red is Sun Yining, at the beginning of the live platform with a “Wang Sicong you don’t force me” and a shot to fame, and later in the eyes of the public also launched a “quarrel” war with the principal,Finally by netizens protection Sun Yining became the only victory over money woman, even had to post sicong said “after 00, true play but” such being the case, however, many netizens also produced a doubt, that is to the king of the headmaster’s family circumstances, there should be a lot of beautiful girls he had ever seen, even overtake one,It is good to change the target again in a big way, but why to Sun Yining when like hot pursuit?In fact, this problem was first explained by Wang Jianlin, president Wang’s father. He once said to the media that Wang Sicong suffered from a serious “superior intelligence quotient”, and the reason why he got this disease, Wang Jianlin explained as:”Maybe it is because I sent him to study abroad as a child, and my son has not experienced too many setbacks in the growth process, so now he is always extremely confident about everything.”Popular point, superior “intelligence” is a sign of emotional intelligence and social communication obstacle, having such people tend to be more narcissistic personality, have their own ideas and personality, but the downside is that most self-centered, often with the perspective of “god” to look down others, at the same time, because often feel lonely,So the demand to the opposite sex is bigger Although we can’t research of other performance, but the last one I think you can be sure of, after all the years, the President’s girlfriend changed several, and at any time, the king of the headmaster’s attitude towards women is “bar” is given priority to, even if the other person’s identity is entertainment star, also seems to spray 1.Although ting ting now just entertainment secondary actors, and I have not had for a long time, but in those days she had a romance for qinfen and rich second generation, has caused a lot of media attention Ting later said he had on account with qinfen is rush to get married, but did not get, and as the men qinfen also leave a message in the comments section,Indirectly proved that the two had a entangling but these in the eyes of Wang Sicong are nothing, the principal even publicly accused Jia Qing in the account, some “scale photos” posted on the Internet, suggesting that Jia Qing’s character is not 2.Big S this need not say more, since big S and Wang Xiaofei married, Wang Sicong once satirized big S is to get married for money, the results did not expect a reality, wang Xiaofei divorced with big S not long ago, is not because of the property problem 3.Mr Yang is from “101” members started to Mr Yang is out, her body is always accompanied by a lot of controversy, not even when the sicong fixed black powder over a period of time After Mr Yang, the famous sicong has repeatedly post mocking her no acting skills, can go today, by sheer luck even said she will debut is simply an insult to other contestants. 4.Milk tea sister sister marry liu began from milk tea, many netizens think ZhangZe day is actually want to embrace the thigh, and we are the king of the principal obviously felt the same way in 2020, liu was arrested in the United States, sicong and various comments on personal accounts, even say milk tea sister has become a “sister” matcha can see from this series of performance,Indeed, Wang Sicong has some defects in his character. He has the attitude of “taking advantage of ourselves and taking the downfall of others”. This is also why Sun Yining chose to resist, and principal Wang pursued him.