Denso bought more than 10 per cent of TSMC’s Japanese unit;Mi Taxi’s new patent can give priority to low-power users;Tesla signs lithium deal

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1. On February 15, TSMC announced that it would invest an additional $1.6 billion (10.1 billion yuan) in its joint venture chip plant with SONY Group in Japan.Denso, an auto parts maker, will also join the project and invest $350 million, or 2.2 billion yuan, in the plant for a stake of more than 10 percent.The goal is to stabilize the purchase of in-vehicle semiconductors used in autonomous driving systems.Comments: in order to ensure chip supply, parts and components enterprises and car enterprises are in the “upstream” breakthrough layout.2. Recently, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of “Optimization method and Device of Taxi Service”.Abstract: It is shown that this open embodiment is the terminal with the remaining electric quantity lower than the electric quantity threshold, which can shorten the overall time of taxi service, avoid the failure of taxi service caused by the user losing contact after the terminal electric quantity runs out, and improve the success rate of taxi service.Comments: Mobile phone battery remaining 1% of users enjoy the highest priority to send cars?3. On Feb. 16, Australian lithium miner Liontown Resources said it had signed a five-year deal with Tesla to supply spodumene concentrate for 100,000 dry metric tons (DMT) in 2024.And purchase 150, 000 dry metric tons of lithium concentrate per year for the next four years.Comments: the current lithium price is about 8 times that of the beginning of 2021, “lithium wealth” is “wealth management”.According to media reports, Toyota and Panasonic will set up a battery company in China to enhance vehicle battery production.In February, it began construction on a third plant at its dalian production base and is increasing production to meet Toyota’s rapidly increasing demand for electric vehicle capacity.Comments: With Toyota’s electric car market, Panasonic’s power battery shipments may be expected to increase.5, learn from February 16, the Ministry of Transport, about car regulation according to the national network information interaction platform statistics, as of January 31, 2022, the national total of 260 net platform about car companies acquire the license of the network platform about car business orders for 1 month more than 300000 single web platform, a total of 17 about car, in the network about car platform, the highest order of compliance rate was way to travel,The lowest was the flower piglet.Comments: The priority of safety is absolutely higher than scale, and the standardization of online ride-hailing platforms is what the public wants.Low pay special attention to recently, the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology departments issued jointly revised “on strengthening the network booking advance things afterwards the taxi industry chain joint regulation announcement concerning the work, the more departments beforehand matter later the whole chain joint regulation for the perfect, has carried on the elaboration of disposal measures and operation process,In order to facilitate the implementation of relevant departments at all levels.