The first snow in the Year of the Tiger to see the changxin store street these services warm the heart

2022-05-11 0 By

Today, the first snow in the year of the Tiger came, and when everyone praised the beauty of the snow, the long xin store street staff insisted on fighting in the front line, for the area of residence (village) people to provide warm heart service.In the morning of February 13, the street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team launched the snow weather emergency plan, all staff on duty to check the implementation of “three bags in front of the door” in the area of the store units, and to supervise and assist merchants to carry out snow and ice shovel.Law enforcement officers inspected 5 main streets in the district and mobilized more than 50 merchants to ensure a good travel environment in the main commercial streets of the district.Changxidian village party branch to carry out the snow clearing operation, staff and volunteers holding tools, the village group surrounding the road to clean, to ensure the village road traffic safety, convenient residents (village) people travel.In addition to snow shovel ice, the streets of the community (village) also in the weekdays silently service residents (village).A few days ago, resident Han Baojun will write a side of the banner “epidemic mercilessly people love community service warm people” to the hands of Zhao Xindian community Party secretary Zhang Dongmei.It turned out that some time ago, Han Baojun’s father-in-law could not go out for home observation according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, but the wound on the old man’s arm had to come to the time to remove stitches.Zhang Dongmei understand the situation of Han Baojun home, contact the surrounding hospital medical staff, in the premise of good protection sent to the hospital, came to the home for the elderly stitches.”Epidemic merciless people love, really thank the community and medical staff!”Han Baojun said as he handed the flag over to the community workers.Like this large and small warm heart service, there are many long xin store streets, in the streets and community (village) staff under the joint efforts, the streets will continue to practice “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, for the area of residence (village) people to provide more warm heart services.Source Fengtai Newspaper long xin store street editor cao Yan Lake