These students’ works are among the best in shangluo’s Spring Festival list. Come and enjoy them

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In the Spring Festival of 2022, the second season of Shangluo Yue Reading Contest will be restarted.During the seven-day Spring Festival, you can log in to “Xiaoli Yuread” and invite your friends and relatives to give you a thumbs-up.First of all, let’s review the participation activities of the first season of “Xiaoli Yue Read” in 2021.The first phase of the Activity of “Reading Red Classics to Gather Chinese strength” was held from 2021 to June, lasting for half a year from north to south. A total of 540,000 + people in Shaanxi province caged in two or three miles of videos and released more than 700,000 videos of reading red Classics.As of 0:00 on February 7th, shangluo Yue Reading Contest has 143,000 participants and 4.99 million readers.The second season of Shangluo Yue Reading Contest will start from 0 o ‘clock on the twenty-ninth day of the Lunar Year (January 31, 2022) to 24 o ‘clock on the sixth night of the lunar Year (February 6, 2022). The top four yue Reading stars of the Spring Festival will be commented on.Li Yuxuan, grade 3 of Evergrande Primary School in Danfeng County, paid a New Year’s call to everyone with “Number Song”. Wearing red festive clothes and holding Chinese knot in hand, li Yuxuan had a strong Smell of New Year. She could read fluently, speak Standard Mandarin and read clearly.Do not shy in the face of the lens, the overall shooting dignified.Gao Xiyuan, from Class 5, grade 3, Zhenan No. 2 Middle School, wished everyone a happy New Year with four-character idioms. She performed well in general.Praise list third: Zhenan County second middle school grade three gao Zong More gao Zong more students, eloquence performance to send New Year wishes for everyone, in the process of New Year, loud voice, speech has a sense of frustration, the overall performance is excellent.Cheng Jiayao, a student from Class 2 (8) of Shangzhou District No. 1 Primary School, chose the scene carefully in the shooting process, recited skillfully, shot accurately, and matched the scene and reciting.How to participate?You need to open the location, participate in your local city “yue reading contest” topic, participation is valid.Activity rule: The activity of reading punch card will continue during the Spring Festival. From 0:00 on February 7th to 24:00 on February 13th, the content of reading works (no limit) will prevail.Reward: Spring Festival list thumb up top 10 available “reading star medal” + “interviews” to participate in the 7 days continuous punching head blessing star of “reading” it doesn’t matter if the title less thumb up, adhere to is victory: seven consecutive days send reading video clock, seven days to develop a good habit, (1) the star of “reading” on the head is light, also can accelerate l V!② Punch card 7 days @ small secretary can also enter the city’s famous teacher guidance group, ③ can also apply for an interview with reporters, on the popular!What are the benefits of V sharp?If you are recommended for one post, “Orange V” will be doubled, and a successful tweet will be rewarded with 4 yuan;The red V’s cost 6 yuan each!Editor Xue Chuangyu