What’s the experience like with a bluetooth headset for 100 yuan?It’s like a $9.9 street from school days

2022-05-11 0 By

To tell the truth, the current development of Bluetooth headset has completely surpassed the wired headset in those days. With the comfortable use experience brought by wireless comfort, the popularity of Bluetooth headset has reached the rate of one day, and now almost everyone has a Bluetooth headset.However, my daily contact with the basic bluetooth headset is hundreds or even thousands of yuan, for the price of a hundred pieces of Bluetooth headset is relatively little contact, anyway, more or less gave me some street street 9 yuan 9 a piece of wired headset taste, worth remembering.The entry-level Bluetooth headset I experienced is from Zunker X22. It has to be said that although this kind of entry-level Bluetooth headset is targeted at mass consumers, it is also the most widely used group. Let’s take a look at the bluetooth headset experience of more than 100 blocks.In terms of appearance alone, the zunke X22 bluetooth headset has the same small design as apple Airdos. One advantage of this design is that it is small and portable, suitable for daily commuting, which means that this size can only be used as a semi-in-ear Bluetooth headset.However, in addition to the coarse seam connection of the headset body, the charging chamber and metal mesh of the headset are quite delicate, which are basically consistent with other earphones at this price.Although the positioning position is 100 yuan sister Bluetooth headset, but in terms of hardware, this bluetooth headset from a small factory has brought me no small surprise.14mm large moving coil sound unit, Bluetooth 5.1, Type-C charging interface, support for two earphones to switch from master to master for 30 hours of ultra-long battery life, from the hardware alone, this headset configuration is very competitive in the market.Bluetooth chip here guess it uses Loda, it supports SBC, AAC HD Bluetooth transmission protocol, it can be said that the hardware part is commendable, can match some of the big factory’s mid-end Bluetooth headset products.Without further ado, let’s talk about this small factory bluetooth headset experience of 100 yuan.As a semi-in-ear Bluetooth headset, the best part of the overall experience of zunker X22 is of course the wearing experience, even after a long day of use can also be very comfortable.Quality parts, this though can’t contrast or yuan giant headsets, but half an ear is still more than enough to contrast two yuan, although the overall quality is three frequency balance, details are rich, but on the whole sound field control, there are still surprise tone regulation, meet the needs of the mass quality is no problem.However, it is interesting that Zunker X22 has achieved 35ms bluetooth delay, which is obviously specially for games. Normally, our Bluetooth headset can not feel the existence of delay at about 100ms, while 35ms is more to meet the needs of mobile game users, which can be said to be an extra blessing for e-sports users.To sum up, zunker X22 Bluetooth headset design is actually borrowed from the most mature solution on the market, yes, you see the appearance of Apple Airdos.But now a guest X22 the $one hundred level of bluetooth headset is the biggest advantage of their hardware configuration with more balanced, both appearance and quality, delay in fact has been very good, this also is the advantages of mature industry chain is suitable for the mass consumer or group of students, in the face of natural sound quality requirement is low users is not recommended.