Where can I download software to chat freely and securely?

2022-05-11 0 By

You can chat any time you like.But to chat freely and undetected, you need to find a private place to start.You may miss too many messages to respond to in a timely manner.For such worries, there is now a good luck encryption chat software can be the perfect response.According to the official website, support android and ISO operating system, there are specific download methods.There are also many features introduced.The core of this should be the disguised chat function.The whole conversation can be fully armed, outsiders are difficult to detect is chatting.This feature alone allows you to chat freely without being detected.The system can hide chat software in the calculator.It’s a basic piece of software that phones have, so outsiders can’t be suspicious of it.Lack of sense of presence, it is quite a decoration.If it is mistaken for a calculator, it can actually be used as a calculator.If there are many people around you and it is not convenient to chat in public, you can enable disguised chat mode.What outsiders see is the interface of calculator, news and information, learning software, etc. Even when chatting in front of others, others can not see the specific input of the chat content, let alone find that it is chatting.If a friend sends a message without his or her mobile phone, the system disguises the message and displays it.Outsiders see updates to their phone systems, current news feeds, and spam.You can also merge multiple messages into one disguised message to avoid frequent message reminders and attract outsiders’ attention.The system does not read users’ phone contacts, so no one can search for you through your phone number or other social media accounts.You can only add friends to each other using chat numbers.And the system does not upload and backup user message records, messages are transmitted through the way of point-to-point, only the two sides of the chat can know the content of the chat.This is an instant messaging service that can be used without registration.Support for two-way deletion of messages, no matter how long the message sent can be withdrawn.There is also a non-trace chat mode that burns after reading and deletes after Posting.