Divinity divinity legend: Huang Yaoshi, Guo Jing have been killed, Yang Guo swallowed a thousand years of pythons gallbladder god success

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In the return of the Condor Heroes, East evil Yellow medicine master as jianghu Wulin predecessors, although rarely tube wulin things, but still has his influence in the Wulin, after all, Guo Jing, Huang Rong town guard Xiangyang, every day is licking blood on the edge of the day, so Yellow medicine master or always pay attention to the changes of jianghu Wulin.Xiangyang war, Huang Yaoshi and South Emperor Duan Zhixing, Zhou Botong also simply assist Xiangyang, as we all know, Guo Jing Huang Rong couple later died in the city of Xiangyang city, so huang Yaoshi, Yang Guo and other people how?Speaking of which, we have to say “Condor Heroes” after the story.In the return of the Condor Heroes, Huang Yaoshi and Guo Jing were killed one after another, and Yang Guo swallowed a thousand years of boa constrictor gallbladder.So what’s the story?Let me tell you more.In “giant” then, Mongolian four prince Kublai Khan after the death of mungo success became the great khan of Mongolia, Kublai Khan in order to unify the whole country, then head of three hundred thousand troops come back, the Kublai Khan do sufficient preparation, all say to xiangyang is, in order to deal with guo jing, Yang guo the masters, Kublai Khan brought the first master in the Persian gulf old man huoshan,Hit kunlun mountain no rival xuanming god palm founder hundred damage Taoist and former Mongolia first master Jin Lun French king’s disciple Da erba.When darba learned that his master, King Jinlun, had fought with Yang Guo in the great war of Xiangyang and died in a heroic battle, he practiced martial arts hard and reached the highest level of longxiang Prajna. Then he joined Kublai Khan in order to avenge king Jinlun.Guo jing know Kublai Khan furious, so can’t stick to xiangyang, but forage xiangyang, unsustainable, and guo jing requests the government support, the results of the southern song dynasty imperial court to surge xiangyang, guo jing and devised a trick, that is fire to the Mongolian army of three hundred thousand hay, Mongol armies will riot by then, however, the law has already was Kublai Khan surrender,When “the law of his discontent Guo Fu married his failed to give birth to children for many years, heart of resentment, coupled with Kublai Khan to” the law of his bounty, after the job is done, seal the law of qi for zhongyuan wu3 lin2’s leader, but also for the law of qi finds a good matches, and the law of his excited, and then take refuge in the mongols, when huang, Duan Zhi period’s father volunteered,Forage himself for fire to Mongolia three hundred thousand troops, and the law of his flying pigeon to pass book, will tell the message of Kublai Khan, to prepare Kublai Khan early, Kublai Khan counterplot, shift most of the hay, and then on a layer of hay on the shop, here is full of straw, the bottom was full of gunpowder, when huang and zhou botong and Duan Zhi xing came to Mongolian hay camp,Seeing that the upper layer is indeed provisions, so lit provisions, the result of the explosion of gunpowder, and finally Huang Yaoshi, Zhou Botong and Duan Zhixing died in the sea of fire.Guo jing was very sad, for old father-in-law huang, become sworn brothers’s father and brothers to forget south emperor Duan Zhi revenge, so guo jing out the gate, and to fight our way out, the results were in the old man huoshan mountain road flyover, the damage and the siege of darfur, guo jing while strength is very strong, but the old man huoshan mountain flame to martial arts was extremely powerful, and bizarre forms, small-scale operations,The loss of the palm is sharp biting for god, maliciousness, darfur and the dragon like prajnaparamita work is very good, the guo jing fists is six hand, eventually killed, huang2 yao4 shi, guo jing and others died, xiangyang without the master, so the law has revealed the fox tail, to open the gates, the results did not think of huang2 rong2 early flying pigeon to send the book to John Steinbeck, let Yang guo to come to the rescue,Yang2 guo4 that Yale has to kill his adored Guo Bobo Yang guo to destroy the “law of qi, a war, Yang guo will be” the law of his badly wounded, and the law of qi is anathema to Guo Fu, then pull out the sword, let Yang guo, give yourself a chance, I must personally killed the “law of qi, eventually Guo Fu personally killed the” law of qi, for the dead relatives to electrocuting.Yang guo to see the head of the guo jing was hanging in front of the xiangyang city, Yang guo, tears streaming down her face, that a generation of master, loyalty of patriotism, but so humiliated by the Mongolian people, god forbid! Simply, then yang2 guo4 rushed out of the gates, and mountain road flyover of the old man, the damage and darfur and spell, but Yang guo broke his right arm, and the heart is unable to do,With life in the tomb of the damp environment for a long time, has suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis, was knocked down to the ground, if it weren’t for four elders gai desperate rescue, Yang guo have to been killed on the spot, Yang guo back to xiangyang city, huang2 rong2 let Yang guo left with Guo Fu hurriedly, the mongols have begun attacking xiangyang, xiangyang already yang2 guo4 with huang2 rong2, and,Huang Rong told Yang Guo: “Pass, you are really a good boy, I and you Guo Bobo husband and wife love, now he went, I also do not want to live in the world, you and fu son is young, young is hope, young is strength, you hurry to leave, do not have to force me to die, you will be obedient?”Yang Guo finally agreed to huang Rong, with Guo Fu left Xiangyang.And soon after, Xiangyang city broken, Huang Rong martyrdom, Huang Rong and Guo Jing two heads hanging above the gates of Xiangyang city.Yang guo swallow not to descend this tone, and burial hill and shendiao came to the sword, when Yang guo request shendiao power their alkaloids in dacheng, become lost to the titles predecessors play the invincible hand of the people all over the world, and then kill all foes, but to beat the dugu realm, especially ordinary people can achieve, especially yang2 guo4 internal work, compared to the titles lost or deep enough,Therefore, shendiao yang2 guo4 came to the sword with a burial hill a valley, the valley has a boa constrictors, one thousand shendiao flew past, fighting and boa constrictors, Yang guo picked up a darksteel epee, under the force of a boa constrictor no strike back, the sword, splitting dead boa constrictors, then shendiao out inside a boa constrictor snake gall, one thousand shendiao handed snake gall Yang guo,Yang Guo eat snake gallbladder, so Yang Guo swallowed the millennium python gallbladder, instantaneous time, Yang Guo body fever, a struggle uncomfortable, Yang Guo played a hand, instantaneous mountain collapse, the original Yang Guo swallowed the boa constrictor gallbladder, internal strength leaps forward, reached the unprecedented, after the realm of no one.Then god diao led Yang Guo to practice the sword of dugu for defeat, and eventually Yang Guo experienced sharp sword, crape magra soft sword, iron esaber, wooden sword sword, and then jianfa and internal skill mastery, achieve no sword realm, become a new generation of sword magic.Yang Guo shen Gong daecheng, so found the mountain old man Huoshan, Darba and 100 damage Taoist, and with the three people for one of the war, when the ground was turned upside down, the sun and the moon stopped, Yang Guo will eventually get rid of the three masters, for Guo Jing, Yellow medicine division, Duan Zhixing, Zhou Botong and Huang Rong revenge.Subsequently Yang Guo returned ancient tomb, Guo Fu a person is lonely and alone, small dragon female persuades Yang Guo to marry Guo Fu then, finally Yang Guo married Guo Fu, and Guo Fu also gives birth to the son of a chomp all-powerful for Yang Guo later, and this son is the Yang top sky later, so how is the story of follow-up?We’ll talk about that next time.