Hail to the workers!Super Way New Year micro film officially launched, send warm heart to accompany the Spring Festival

2022-05-12 0 By

“The company of family is the most comfortable, the people who know you are the most warm.” On January 26, when the Chinese New Year reunion, chaowei salute to workers!As the theme of the Spring Festival micro film officially launched, received a lot of praise.The video describes a quarrel between a couple who cannot go home for the Spring Festival due to work. Under the understanding and persuasion of the elderly family members, the two reconciled and reunited for the Spring Festival.The whole video is full of warmth and harmony, but there is more helplessness. It is not plain sailing, but someone is carrying on with heavy load. Super Wei truly realizes the hardships of workers and their yearning for a better life.Amd can laborers with deep empathy, because for a long time, amd all laborers to work hard in the competition intense market, perseverance, just had now with the top technical level, high quality product strength and excellent after-sales service system and a series of comprehensive strength of leading the whole industry.Leading technology products to win the super power industry champions position from beginning to end, amd, hold “all take the customer as the center” of the enterprise purpose, in order to solve the general user community consumption point, research and development of new technology with great concentration, so far the total authorized 2210 patents, including 636 invention patents, the battery industry leader,And won the industry’s only Chinese patent gold award, and repeatedly ranked on the Top 500 List of Chinese enterprises patent strength.Its technical strength can be imagined, including the proud graphene battery technology is upgraded to 5.0 super version.As the only enterprise with authoritative certification to master the core technology of graphene, AVL’s research on graphene battery technology can be said to be perfect and unmatched in the industry.At the same time, the application of this technology, at the same time carry VEA wing technology architecture and LINKplat (get) series products of intelligent manufacturing platform amd super powers arises at the historic moment, break the lead-acid battery industry than energy new height, monomer ability than 43 wh/Kg has higher specific energy, durable power is strong, solve the user’s life concerns, once launched,Hot market, a sales miracle.At the same time, with the launch of major mileage challenge and Extreme Cold Challenge, SUPER Way keeps setting new records and successfully creates strong power and long endurance brand label.In addition, the advent of SUPERconducting series and honeycomb energy gathering series further broaden the matrix of SUPER power products, and truly show the strong product strength of Super power in front of the majority of users.While AMD shines on the graphene technology stage, it shines in other areas of technological innovation.It is ranked 7th in the list of China’s TOP200 light industry enterprises in 2020, 1st in the top 10 of China’s new energy battery industry, 6th in China’s top 100 light industry science and technology enterprises, and with the integration of scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, it is ranked 108th in the list of “2021 smart factory TOP200”.It can be seen that CHAOwei will continue to make breakthroughs and explore new fields in the development of technology. In the future, chaowei will continue to lead the industry in the direction of high quality, multi-field and intelligent as a leader.In addition to technology and products, CHAOwei has brought surprises. In the field of service, it also shows its unique warmth. With the service concept of “product first, service first”, CHAOwei has always been a benchmark in the industry.30W+ service outlets, hundreds of thousands of + terminal agents, 500+ core market distribution visits and sales, online after-sales inquiry, national service hotline, wechat public account and other warm configuration, comprehensively improve user consumption experience.Long quality assurance system, national service outlets free distribution, door-to-door installation and other intimate services, is to further eliminate users’ purchase concerns, while expanding online sales channels, through the online and offline double linkage to thoroughly build brand strength, to provide a solid guarantee for sales innovation.First-class product quality is the foundation of the enterprise foothold, the high quality service system is the guarantee of enterprise development, amd capable of that, and actively practice, in the future, also will continue to focus on the optimization of the service system, do you really will give top priority to the user, understand user needs, solve the user concerns, all to the user as the center, continue to lead the industry focus more thoughtful service system,Assume the responsibility and responsibility of being a champion in the industry.Conclusion company is the longest confession of love. Chaowei will always accompany users on their journey with the advantage of long battery life to provide users with more suitable products, more top technology and more perfect service system.In the New Year, CHAOwei will show its true feelings and love as shown in the video, better understand its users, and provide them with meticulous service and care.Chaowei is not only a brand, but also a warm and reliable way to rely on. In the future, Chaowei will continue to move forward and become a peace of mind for more users on the way to travel.