Keep a basin of “sterilization flowers” at home, indoor change “oxygen bar”, purify the air in addition to peculiar smell

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Flowers more and more people now, of course, on the choice of flowers is differ, some flowers friends like to keep some for good health is good, keep it safely indoors, flower flower recommended five kinds of “flowers” of sterilization, indoor second as “natural oxygen bar”, and keep them in a home can effectively eliminate bacterium, there is a big benefit to the family healthy body,Especially in the home there are old people, children, keep these plants can play the role of anti-bacteria, sterilization.First, tiger skins of ornamental value is very strong, a lot of friends and flowers have like in the home keep a basin, especially just decorate a new house to put in the home of a tiger orchid is the most appropriate, the house that new clothes builds more harmful substances, he absorbs these substances, tiger and the tiger orchid also has certain ornamental value, is the most common view leaf plant.Second, aloe vera is a very popular fleshy flowers, many flower friends also like to keep aloe in the home, can absorb harmful substances in the air, has great benefits to the health of the family.Not only this aloe also has the effect of beauty, there is a woman at home must keep a pot of aloe, with aloe mask has a very good moisturizing effect, more effective than facial mask, very worth starting with.Third, other is no stranger to other flowers the friends, the other is notoriously good feed, so popular, the other is green all the year round, it grows faster, also have the function of the air purification, home keep a bowl can absorb the dust inside the room, indoor air quality will get better, reduce illness.It is also relatively easy to maintain and does not need special care, and whether it is hydroponics or soil culture, it can grow very well, absolutely novice friendly.Fourth, rich tree rich tree although the leaves are green plants, but it also has the function of sterilization, and rich tree is also a very popular living room flowers, the living room put a pot of rich tree, meaning every year can have good fortune.But some flower friends said that rich tree is difficult to feed, but also prone to yellow leaves, in fact, most of them are because of watering, rich tree is most afraid of watering the problem, if you raise rich tree, must control the amount of watering, to prevent root rot because of water.Fifth, osmanthus fragrance is very rich, home to keep a pot can sterilization deodorization, every time osmanthus flowers bloom, the room can smell its aroma, this fragrance is unforgettable, home to keep a pot of osmanthus is also more appropriate.Although flowers are small, but their role is very big, there are a lot of flowers are sterilization, if you have a better recommendation, remember to share with flowers!