Lamar Odom, 43, has lost his beard.I love my single ex-wife, I dream about Kardashian a lot

2022-05-12 0 By

Press reports in the United States, Kim kardashian three elder sister kohler with TT, after divorce, husband Lamar odom has been “waiting for”, recently, even in his new show of the trailer, said publicly that miss ex-wife kohler, don’t know this is deliberately hype manufacturing topics, or the real change of heart, hoping to get together again?In the trailer, Odom says he dreams about his ex-wife many times and misses her so much that he still thinks about Her a lot, even though they’ve been divorced for years.Especially these days, after Khloe and TT divorced, Odom very much love his former lover.Speaking of Lamar odom, familiar with the NBA’s old fans won’t strange, seriously injured, bankruptcy, divorce, alcohol, and close to death in prison, odom has tasted the life suantiankula, after leaving the lakers, stadium is fair in love and both frustrated in drugs, partly because of his self-indulgence left Kim kardashian – kohler for so many years, he never complain,After all, everything is their own fault.Peak of odom, the lakers were the only one who can be from 1 to 5, a man, when the team lack of three-point shooter and restricted zone defense, odom can always at a critical moment to show their crazy comprehensive talent, but is the potential of this super giant, but step by step towards the “destruction”, it was the sigh.His marriage to Khloe, who was married in 2009, ended in May 2016 when khloe filed for divorce.Time flies, Kohler has been 38 years old, and experienced two failed marriages, her ex-husband is also the NBA’s famous philandering man, but she is now single, crazy fitness, a lot of weight, more and more beautiful, no wonder Odom has coveted.On the other hand, odom, 43 years old, after a close call with death, can also be said, there is no weird news in recent years, relatively low-key, but the figure has changed, almost can not tell that he used to be an NBA player, and the beard is also a lot of gray.He still has his heart set on Khloe, but the kardashians probably aren’t interested in him anymore.