New quality NFT projects on OpenSea in the first week of February

2022-05-12 0 By

Please contact:Navigating through the vast space of the world’s largest NFT market has become a bit daunting. In this weekly column, the author shares innovative and awe-inspiring NFT projects, big and small, that have been uncovered.Old yuppie serious statement, this article is not written as investment advice, please readers sharpen your eyes, independent thinking.Metascapes is an innovative new project created in collaboration with top photographers Cath Simard, Iurie Belegurschi and Ryan Newburn, and curated by Versus Labs.Casting a new Metascape costs 0.33ETH, or you can buy one for 0.2ETH on the OpenSea floor.KarafuruKarafuru is a new project by PFP, created by Museum of Toys and Indonesian illustrator Wede.The project, which has 5,555 generative NFTS, is still in pre-order, with public sales starting Feb. 5 at 9 a.m. Est.This dynamic new collection is described by its creators as “a magical space where colour is Paramount and everyone just wants to have fun”.In just over a month, the project has gained widespread support within the NFT community, bringing the undisclosed NFT collection to a staggering 4ETH.When the public sale begins, the seigniorage price will be set at 0.5ETH.ItemsItems is an ongoing collecting act, born in the mind of the talented multimedia artist Miguelgarest.Currently consisting of 12 NFT, the collection is made up of robots, Musical Instruments, games, retro electronics and other modern and imaginative devices.Over the past year, Miguelgarest has released a variety of unique and cute animated NFTs.As his numerous projects continue to bring new collectors to his community, Items stand on their own as a jumble of his 1/1 ideas.The current floor price is 5ETH.YOUYOU is a project of RAC and Reisinger Andres, originally released through Nifty Gateway.This series marks the second NFT collaboration between the two and consists of eight 100 edition works and two 1/1 works.The series revolves around the idea of objects left over from previous relationships: small details that feel completely mundane but intensely personal.OpenSea currently has a base price of 0.11ETH, but works from the YOU collection can still be purchased on Nifty Gateway for as little as $400.Larva LadsLarva Lads is a PFP project inspired by the ever-popular CryptoPunks.The series consists of 10,000 NFTS that are completely on the chain and randomly generated.We recently included Larva Lads on our list of the best NFT startup projects under $1,000 — and for good reason.The project not only utilizes Larva Labs’ iconic characters, but is also licensed as CC0 public domain;This means that anyone in the world is free to use the IP of Larva Lads.The current floor price is 0.135ETH.Screens “Screens “, created by Thomas Lin Pedersen, is the latest series cast through the Art Blocks Curated platform.The collection has 1,000 generative NFT pieces, each mimicking the process of screen printing by rendering and applying a single color at a time to the main image.This latest work from Lin Pedersen is inspired by the inherent aesthetics of screen printing, as well as the composition and color of the covers of Bauhaus, constructivism and pulp fiction.Considering that this series is part of the Art Blocks Curated platform, it is no wonder that the current base price has reached 3.39ETH.Timeless CharactersTimeless Characters is a PFP project released as an extension of Treeverse — a pixel-themed Metaverse experience created by NFT collector/influencer Loopify,Created by multimedia artist VIII, each of the 9,421 characters can be used as skins in Treeverse.These timeless characters were released at a time when animation-inspired projects in the PFP market had yet to fully take off.Since each piece in this collection is not only a unique piece of art, but also useful in the ever-evolving Treeverse, the base price is currently a somewhat surprising 0.76ETH.