Huli full development grand plan, liangjiang New Area “two high and two areas” ten project promotion meeting side notes

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As a New Year begins, everything looks new.On February 10, 2022, beside Baiyun Lake in Liangjiang New Area, it was cold in spring. In lijia Wisdom Museum, the drums of the Year of the Tiger were beating and the upsurge of endeavor was surging.Inside the pavilion, a large poster printed with the title “the new Ring and Riring Journey of a New Project: Promoting ten Projects for the Construction of the Leading Area for High-quality Development and the Demonstration area for High-quality Life of Liangjiang New Area” attracts people’s attention and encourages them to work hard.”Today, I want to start with a picture…”Accompanied by the standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, Liangjiang New Area Party Working Committee Secretary Duan Chenggang came to the stage speech, three groups of photos jumped on the screen, this is the image record of the progress of Liangjiang.The first group of photos will bring the scene back to February 19 last year. On this day, the “leaders” of the seven major groups of Liangjiang New Area were in the Sino-German Industrial Park of Soshui New City, just like seven lions going out to battle, holding the 2021 work pledge conference of state-owned enterprises.The second group of photos shows that on February 10th this year, 11 committee leaders and teams went to the construction site of ten key projects in the New District, and visited the front line to inspire and supervise the battle, and made advanced scheduling and precise policies.The third group of photos, 14 ten project leaders, leading units, with the unit in charge of the formation of the two Rivers “Tiger team”, again assembled to blow the “charge”.In the main conference hall, Duan Chenggang and all the leaders of the new District’s family committee, the main leaders of the seven groups, the main leaders of the party and government in the eight streets, the main leaders of various departments of the Committee, institutions in the district, and key secondary subsidiaries gathered together.Outside the main venue, each group, each street, key secondary subsidiary team members online participation.This conference is not only an exchange meeting, but also a deployment meeting, but also an arena competition.On the stage, 14 comrades of the new district showed the achievements and future plans of the ten major projects with the irresistible spirit of the tiger descending the mountain.Among them are the chairman, general manager and deputy general manager of the group, the person in charge of the secondary company and the park, as well as relevant “department heads” and even committee leaders.We have drawn up a new blueprint for the high-quality development of the new district.Under the stage, the participants dressed in straight suits, in high spirits, with the presentation of a report, the scene broke out bursts of applause.The development and construction of the ten engineering projects are exciting, which also makes the eyes of every participant twinkle.What signal does this conference send to the outside world?The ten major projects are closely related to the “Two high and two Districts”.Since last year, in combination with the promotion of the “14th Five-year plan” development of The Liangjiang New Area, the Implementation of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government “On promoting the Liangjiang New Area to become bigger and stronger and Achieve high-quality development”, Liangjiang New Area has planned to implement the “two high and two districts” ten projects.The convening of the promotion meeting is precisely liangjiang New Area after the festival, not to relax, gather strength to start again, in order to continuously promote the “ten projects” project construction, strive to achieve the start of the “acceleration”, open the door to see the new atmosphere, and strive to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter, the whole year to win the “full house”.What results have been achieved since the ten major projects were fully rolled out for more than half a year?For more than two hours, we talked about innovation, opening up, industry and development…Bring wonderful “dry goods”.Focus on technological innovation.The construction project of Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, Lijia Yuelai Smart Park and Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park will put the construction of three scientific and technological innovation platforms in the first place, and strive to take the lead in building the “intelligent manufacturing town” and “smart city” in Our city.We will promote industrial transformation.The construction project of industrial Internet demonstration zone is to “empower, value, wisdom and power” for the digital economic transformation and high-quality development of the new area, accelerate the creation of a national industrial Internet industry demonstration base, and build a demonstration zone of industrial Internet innovation and development with national influence.We will continue to open up.The construction project of Guoyuan Port Hub port aims to establish a world-class port, build an open, green and smart port, speed up the construction of a multi-modal transport and logistics hub system combining “hub + channel + network” and “dry, branch and distribution”, and comprehensively improve the advantages of open channels and the economic level of the hub.Promoting coordinated development.The Coordinated development project of The Twin cities seized the strategic opportunity of the construction of the twin cities economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area, jointly built eight flagship industries alliance with Tianfu, and cooperated with the construction of the park in wanzhou Enclave.Focus on urban improvement.Inch beach international new city construction projects, longxing football town construction projects, fish, longxing, soil and new city construction engineering, and of the people’s livelihood and the quality of urban engineering practice to upgrade to the people as the center of the development of ideas, stick to the new building internationalization, greening, intelligent, modern city culture model, makes the people of high quality production and living space.100 boats contend for a thousand sails and compete for the top ten projects.”We should have a deep understanding of the significance, goals, requirements and specific tasks of the ten major projects in the construction of the new Area, strengthen the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency in promoting the ten major projects, and strive to transform the meeting spirit into the working ideas, specific focus and development achievements.”Liangjiang New Area Party working Committee deputy secretary, management committee director Luo Lin said.”Building an important economic center and a center of scientific and technological innovation with national influence, building a new highland of reform and opening up and a livable underground kung fu with high quality of life;We should work together to achieve coordinated development in stabilizing the overall economic market, seizing policy opportunities, giving full play to our comparative advantages and promoting normal and long-term development.”Liangjiang New Area Party working committee deputy secretary, political and Legal affairs committee secretary Cheng Wendi said.”We will continue to vigorously and effectively carry out the ‘Project to improve the quality of people’s livelihood’, continuously improve people’s well-being, and strive to build a model of social programs with ‘precision, brightness and warmth’, focusing on the foundation, improving quality, and ensuring the bottom line.”Liangjiang New Area Party working committee member, management committee deputy director PI Tao said.”We will focus on strengthening the foundation of the supporting system, improving the quality of innovative applications, and enhancing the efficiency of industrial ecology. We will focus on three functional systems and five application models to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.”Liangjiang New Area Party working committee member, management committee deputy director Li Jie said.”Efforts will be made to promote the construction of a city with hundreds of gardens, a smart city, a green bank with clear waters, and a greenway with two rivers, so that the new area will have a better appearance and temperament.”Liangjiang New Area party working committee member, management committee deputy director Zhang Li said.”Cuntan International New Town bonded Economic Zone will do a good job in overall planning, enhance the ability of international business services, create international economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges platform, create international consumption scene.”Bonded port area group deputy secretary of the Party Committee, general manager Wang Duanping said.”In 2022, we will take solid measures to ensure that new city construction is more energetic, faster and more effective.”Liangjiang investment Group Party secretary, chairman Li Jin said.”In 2022, Lijia Smart Park will do six more things — elaborating the lingjiang dimensional waterfront space, accelerating the construction of geek community, creating a new scene of smart life experience, focusing on improving the collaborative system of self-driving cars and roads, actively promoting the development of intelligent industry cluster, and steadily advancing the construction of new Lijia smart park.”Liangjiang Industry group party secretary, chairman Li Yi said.”Cuntan International New City fashion consumption area will take the lead in demonstration to play a leading role, formulate policies to guide organic update, implement planning to solve traffic bottlenecks, create an atmosphere to drive consumption growth, and solidly promote the construction of Cuntan International New City fashion consumption area to take a new step.”Liangjiang Industry Group party committee member, deputy general manager Duan Candong.”Make every effort to improve the level of potential, the level of ‘three chains’, create an innovative ecology, and promote the construction of the park.”Wang Fei, secretary of the Party Branch and chairman of Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone company, used three “all-out” to show the determination of Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone to build a national scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation demonstration zone.”Longxing company will comprehensively fight three ‘battles’ — to win the decisive battle of venue construction, to win the battle of event security, and to fight a long-term battle of benign operation.”Zhang Lizhi, vice president of Liangjiang New Area Investment Group and chairman of Longxing Company, said longxing “iron Army” is fully prepared to “fight a tough battle”.”Cuntan International New City cruise mother port area focuses on completing the harbor underwater project, accelerating the road network construction, starting the construction of cruise center, determine the core industry layout and other eight work, to build a global inland cruise port.”Jiang Beizui Investment Group Party committee deputy secretary, general manager Mu Jun said.”Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City will do three things — further accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure, further promote the construction of supporting projects, and further enrich the intelligent application scenarios.”Yue to investment group party secretary, chairman Wang Jupeng said.”Guoyuan Hub Port will do its best to fulfill the three major events of function construction — comprehensively improve the hub function, improve the level of open channel, activate the development momentum of international hub economy, and speed up the building of Guoyuan Hub port into a first-class international ‘hub port’.Orchard port logistics hub company party branch secretary, chairman Liu Jun said.”Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park will cultivate and strengthen market players, build characteristic industrial clusters, increase policy precision supply, and scientifically promote intelligent application.”Economic operation bureau party branch secretary, director Li Jianbin said….The 14 rounds of speeches were sonorous and powerful.”Standing high, deep understanding;Fast action and good results;Clear thinking and accurate planning;Determination and confidence.”At the end of the meeting, Duan chenggang summarized the report on the ten major projects in four sentences.He said that the 14 “Tiger generals” acted as both commanders and combatants, and did not stand idly by without their hands, showing the vigor of the tiger.Focus on the word stability, further strengthen the “strategic, important, leading” understanding of the “three”, highlight the project leadership, further strengthen the “three” concept of “project first”, “project first” and “project first”, lift up the spirit, further strengthen the “three” style of “good work, solid work, quick work”,Duan Chenggang made arrangements for the in-depth implementation of the “ten major projects” and put forward clear requirements.”The start is the sprint, the opening is the decisive battle”.”Grab a second, grab a day is grab the future”.”Make every effort to make every effort”.At the beginning of the New Year, Liangjiang New Area opened the New Year of Yin Tiger with the pace of galloping and ceasing prelude.The New Year, liangjiang new area will anchor the goal task, have the courage to bear, a hammer and a hammer to knock in the spirit of a nail, and then a project to do a project, a into a dry, push for top ten engineering from the “roadmap” to “shop drawing”, again become a “map”, down-to-earth, for a long time for work, struggling to draw “projects and” top ten construction new picture scroll,Write a new chapter of high-quality development and high-quality life.(Reporter Zhou Shuman, Zhang Weizhen)