Mo Yan: I want to be a playwright in my lifetime

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Xiao Nian quit the old year, big drama to welcome the New Year.On January 25, the National Peking Opera And China Mobile Migu jointly held an online broadcasting seminar and the launch ceremony of the 2022 drama “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” in Beijing.Online studio “in extremely good fortune” launching ceremony on January 25 solstice on February 15, national Peking Opera with China mobile Migu co-productions in extremely good fortune, 5 g + 4 k studio will recreate the Spring Festival, online studio will be Migu video, Migu music, Migu offshore platform (Migu C), China mobile the best FUN and 5 g reflected hall broadcast platform, etc.Cloud box, cloud cries, cloud, a new chapter of “the universe” $5 g Peking Opera last year during the Spring Festival, the national Peking Opera China mobile Migu company hand in hand for the first time in the form of 5 g + 4 k line studio presents the classic Beijing Opera “in extremely good fortune”, make the whole process online studio business model to explore the first example, in the industry have a warm response.As the Spring Festival of 2022 approaches, Migu company and The National Peking Opera House will upgrade the performance mode of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” on the basis of the successful cooperation last year.Gao Zheng, director general of the Industrial development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said at the seminar that the project of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” is a re-optimization and re-promotion based on the summary of last year’s practice.In his opinion, the online broadcast of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” will continue to create a cultural atmosphere of “celebrating the Chinese New Year and watching the drama in the clouds”, and provide a cultural feast combining tradition and fashion for the people during the Spring Festival.Gao Zheng, director of the Industrial development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Peking Opera never stops integrating with new technologies.Wang Yong, president of the National Peking Opera, said in his speech that the national Peking Opera hopes to explore a way of development and set up a model of broadcasting by launching “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang”.The performance of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” is no longer a simple online performance, but constructs the world landscape of opera in the network space and even the future meta-universe space, breaks the time division and space constraint, reveals the persistence of artistic life and the significance of artistic charm.Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company, introduced the three upgrading features of the performance of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” at the seminar of Wang Yong, president of The National Peking Opera Theater.First, continue to innovate the 5G+4K online broadcasting mode of opera performance, integrate various real-time interaction modes such as cloud box, cloud Shouting and cloud appreciation, and bring you Zixi, the first Sapiens student, to the National Peking Opera Theater to write a new chapter of “5G Peking Opera Meta-universe”;Second, to create a new social consumption model based on Peking Opera scenes, and launch the first “Cloud Opera Fans Festival”;Third, it explores a new pattern of “media communication” of Peking Opera culture at home and abroad to help Chinese culture go global.Livid, general manager of China mobile Migu company Internet + quintessence, the realistic context, the effect is satisfactory in the keynote speech, mo yan, vice-president of the China writers’ association, Chinese opera culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture in Chinese history development, social progress and cultural development in the effect that cannot replace.Nowadays, through the Internet platform, the quintessence of Chinese art is introduced to the public, increasing the absolute number of Peking Opera audiences and deepening their understanding of The art of Peking Opera.As for the joint efforts of the National Peking Opera Theater and China Mobile Migu to promote Peking Opera, Mo said, “It fits the realistic context and the results are satisfactory.”Mo Yan, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association (CWA), affectionately recalled his childhood “opera impression” in his speech.”The reason why I have a dream of becoming a playwright has something to do with watching plays as a child.Not only have I been in plays since I was a kid, but I’ve been in plays since I was a kid, and everybody knows THAT I’m a clown, that I’m a villain.When I was a kid in the ’60s, all we could do was play the little bandit in The Taking of Tiger Mountain, or the little bandit in Shajiabang.In short, it is to follow the small role in the above, and do not let others to change the makeup, directly from the bottom of their own pot to touch a handful of ashes on the face to complete, find a worn clothes to put on the body.Such a theatrical experience and performance experience still leave a good impression on me.”As the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mo said that as a writer whose main career is writing novels, “The creation of opera or drama has always been a dream of mine, a real dream, from my childhood.I went to Shakespeare’s House in England the year before last. It was my second visit, and I stood before the statue of Shakespeare and made a solemn vow that I would try to become a playwright as long as I lived.”Mo yan told that he did feel the difficulty in writing opera.”To write a drama is to write dialogue, whereas to write a drama is really different. You have to write a canto, and you have to rhyme a canto, and there is a time limit, not like a novel, 500,000 won’t finish writing 800,000, 800,000 won’t finish writing 1 million, and now there are 10 million online novels.The opera script can not exceed 15,000 words at most. My first draft of “Jinyi” was written with 34,000 words. Later, the theater consulted me and said that the first problem was that it was too long.So it was a pain to change the script, cut a section, such a good verse cut it, but there was no way, you had to do subtraction, the stage was the limit.We have to create beauty in the limits.”The traditional Peking Opera drama “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” is based on “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” no.54: Wu Guotai Buddhist Temple to see the bridegroom Liu Huangshu’s bridal chamber to renew his wife.Is by Mei Lanfang, Ma Lianliang, Qiu Shengrong, Yuan Shihai, Ye Shenglan and other artists will be the original folding opera “Honey”, “Mandew Temple”, “Back to Jingzhou”, “Lu Huadang” combination adapted from, is a meaning auspicious and complete, festival must point auspicious play.The online studio “in extremely good fortune” by the Beijing Opera performing artists kuizhi yu, shengsu li starred in, many famous operatic rookie co-star, also invited to the Chinese dramatist association, chairman of the artist as guided Tours, pu cunxin, director of the institute of Beijing Opera Zhao Jingbo professor, build team luxury online quintessence feast.Kuizhi yu, shengsu li said at the seminar, “in extremely good fortune online studio will drive the whole Peking Opera art in the era of new media, in the new era has a better promotion and development prospects, create opportunities for young actors, nurture more young audience, looking forward to using China mobile Migu invisible wings, make the traditional art constantly leap forward.”We will also take the lead, with their own actions to drive around the peer, drive around the fans of friends, we work together to make efforts to make contributions to the development of cloud studio.”Peking Opera performing artist Yu Kuizhi Li Shengsu Yu Kuizhi said in his speech that he is a relatively traditional and conservative person. “I am slow to accept new technologies and new forms of communication.At the beginning, I had a very narrow idea: would the online broadcast of “Dragon and Phoenix” affect the box office of the offline performance?Through this year’s practice, I feel that my idea is naive.Online broadcasting not only expanded the box office of our performances, but also the enthusiasm of the audience for offline performances, from 30% of the audience restricted to 50% or 75%.As the head of the team said, more and more young spectators are chasing us.Some young audiences spent more than 50,000 yuan on air tickets and 60,000 yuan on accommodation last year to follow the show.”Kuizhi yu said cloud studio for the first time after they received the United States, Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, including China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other places show invitation, “especially the national opera house a performance to Taipei for 22 consecutive years, a lot of Chinese Taiwan audience looking forward to the Beijing Opera academy and look forward to the motherland mainland opera classic works to go there.This year marks the third year of a two-year suspension due to the epidemic. I have watched their messages online and felt the power of communication.”| surging news sources