Russian S-400 missiles arrive at the frontline exercise site where Russian and Belarusian defense ministers sit

2022-05-13 0 By

Russian and Belarusian forces have in recent days practiced combat firing, artillery and air strikes within the framework of inspecting the response force of the coalition countries.Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and His Belarusian counterpart Alexei Khlenin jointly watched the training.In addition, The Russian S-400 air defense missile system has arrived in Belarus for combat duty.The first phase of the inspection of coalition national forces will last until 9 February, with the redeployment and formation of forces.The second phase (February 10-20) will be the Belarus-Russia “Alliance Resolution-2022” joint exercise.The purpose of the exercise is to deter and repel external aggression, combat terrorism and protect the interests of allied countries.Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko said he intends to buy from Russia almost all of the equipment that took part in the russia-Belarus exercises.(Editing by Zhai Jing, Intern editing by Zhang Xujun)